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The Freelancer by Pablo Vicentin

T  H  E    F  R  E  E  L  A  N  C  E. Illustration by Pablo Vicentin.

Mercenary For Sale. Short Version

Freelance.  When the word first came into use in the early 1800s, in England.
It refers to a medieval mercenary who would fight for whatever nation or person paid them the most.
These mercenaries were referred to as "Free Lances".

Now 'freelance' refers to a person who does any work on his / her own terms, with no permanent or long-term commitment to any employer.
'Freelancer' is now the the noun we use to refer to this last group of individuals.

I am a retired Art and Creative Director with with 40 years of experience in the Visual Communication, Graphic Design and Ad Agency industries.
Now I work as a freelance graphic designer, a freelance package designer and a freelance graphic design consultant.

My Design Services include:

General Graphic Design
• Logo and Marque Design
• Package Design
• Brochure and Menu Design
• Product Launch Presentation Design
• Print Design
• Marketing & Sales Support materials and presentations
• Interactive Media

Corporate Identity Design
• Identity Development
• Brand Development
• Identity Sbrand style guide
• Exhibition Design

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