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The Nature of Nature - as Demonstrated by The Goddess of the Sun. By Moreno Franco

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Goddess of The Sun - Amaterasu Omikami.

“Lucky Thirteen” – from the sci-fi movie 'Lucky Thirteen'. -
ABOVE: 天照大御神 - "The Goddess of The Sun" ever as beautiful and formidable as I dreamed her.

AMATERASU ŌMIKAMI  - The “Great Divinity Illuminating Heaven”, the supreme deity in Japanese mythology.

Relentless. And as Unstoppable as my Shiny Wife, Donna Darkwolf, to whom I later dedicated this painting.

The “Great Divinity Illuminating Heaven”, Very much like the dark clouds building before a violent storm.
This Unknown Beauty exudes a solemn and forbidding GRACE.
At first glance, she displays her graceful lines and sweeping contours.
And then you gradually notice those gentle curves to be punctuated with turrets, redoubts, pods, rebates, blisters and emplacements that reveal
the ultimate calculated reality, and terrifying lethal entirety of her sole purpose for her inexorable existence.

Designed to battle. Destined for battle. To sail, and perhaps return victorious - or to perish, in battle.

Just like an Angel.

Just like an Angel - Unstoppable.

Just as that beckoning Angel I have always dreamed of.

If you happen to look up into the sky, one day. Or night - and you notice one of these, or something like one of these up there - you will have an anus-clenching moment of pause.
For about a millisecond.

Just before your brain goes into overdrive, and your mind finally becomes alert.

The sudden blinding knowledge that we are "not alone" in the Universe will be quite a shock.

And, quite a novelty for your supercillious, self-aggrandizing self-righteous and tiny-spirited Soul.
At that moment, it will suddenly dawn on you, that what ever comes next - you have absolutely no control over - because it is BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION.

All that silly belief in aliens building the Pyramids, or that we were "made" in some imaginary god's image or that "goodness and mercy shall follow" you all the days of your life is JUST GONE!

After all, we all know from our own 4000 year RECORDED history, how the colonizing nations of history treated the "natives".

And we can expect pretty much the same treatment, you guess.
Because how could another race be any different from us?
I mean "REALLY?"

So if you see one of these parked on your front lawn, (I mean this metaphorically, of course - It's a Gigantic Fucking Space Ship!)
when you wake up one day - do not be alarmed. It will be too late for that!

No one ever went exploring for the fun of it.
Exploration is EXPENSIVE. Not to mention TIME consuming. And LABOUR-INTENSIVE.
No matter how many robotic slaves/machines you have. They all need maintenance.

Explorers are looking for stuff! MORE stuff. Or BETTER stuff.

So if you have some stuff, and no way to keep it for yourself. . . Well someone WILL come along and just fucking take your bloody stuff.
Just part of the Rule of Entropy in this Universe.

Well. I have to be popping along.
Oh. And "have a nice day".
If you can.
After this.

LATER - Visit: Mnemosyne Dreamstate Report, To see one of my examples of Nature.

Side-note - Which Leads to the Next Subject

My father, Moshe ben David,  died in his hospital bed as a result of pneumonia, caused by the incompetence of the nursing staff. He only had a broken hip but fat-arsed, lazy nurses of that Harare Zimbabwe hospital managed to kill him with their sheer fukken stupidity.

[ he was some where between 77 and 5077]. Shortly before he died, I sent him this essay… to share my thoughts with a man that my brother and I always thought of as the All-Father Odin – from Norse Mythology. I had wanted him to recognize that I had come to understand many of the things he had tried to teach me. That I loved him as a form of worship in what I did. That I had learned at his table…

This was no ordinary table, mind you. This was the cutting bench – Mother of all cutting benches. You make a mistake here….
You are smoke on the sacrifice. I wanted to say: “Yes, padrone, I understand now”.

On our vast oak dining banquet table we used to have our homework and projects checked.
And RE-DONE. Our extra math, science, geography and english grammar lessons took place here.

The extra lessons were our reward for failing tests in class.

Here we learned to question religion and politics through lively debate, and by logical argument we were driven to discover semantics and the use of language.
By being continually beaten in chess game after chess game we discovered Logic, initiative and caution. . .
My brother was ten. I was twelve. . . and we learned. . .

“Initiative is a trait which is balanced by

Caution. Too tight a balance and the Result is vacillation and inaction.
Consciousness as a wave, carries
That balancing act.
All creatures display this effect to some degree.
But humans use a sophisticated, symbol-juggling form which gives them
the ability to create…”

An example of The Impact of the Enquiry into the Nature Of Nature, and on the Enquiry into the Nature Of Man.

While there exists Histories of Science that tell one what date the mechanical clock was invented or the Law of Inertia made its appearance, or histories of Astronomy which inform one that Hipparchus of Alexandria discovered the Precession of the Equinoxes -
there is no history of Cosmology!
Or of humanity's changing view of the universe which enfolds it.

It should therefore be no surprise that the world is the way it is - especially in its relation to humanity.

Before we can read to learn, we are being fed the Christian religion - sans the bloody history. From the creation of Adam and Eve to the crucifixion of Joshua bar Abbas - or even some other religion. And soon enough, if we are clever enough, we learn about the Cosmos.

And the conflict between the two ideas: one based purely on faith and the other based on empirical scientific observation set a battlefield in the minds of the reflective and also in the minds of the lumpen.

Not to mention the knowledge that there exist competing religious ideas that most westerners do not understand, nor have the time to study: even if they ever become aware of such religions.

The Christian religion is only marginally different from Islam because it is based only on one martyr - albeit a created one of the Church. Islam allows any believer to become a martyr. On a daily basis almost, in Recent years (months in 2002). And so on and so forth….

For this we can only thank the Pilate Pontius for being as spineless as he was:

Suppose he had had the guts to say to the high priests: that they were just a silly lot of excitable old Jews: “Jesus is just another of your half crazy prophets. . . running around in the desert and starving himself, and riding an ass through Jerusalem. What harm does he do?

The kids like him, the whores like him and the taverners like him. And when kids, whores and taverners like a man – he is okay. A good cross-section of your society.

There would have been no crucifixion, no resurrection and no Christianity.

If Jesus had gone free – we would all be Pagans: with no sins to enjoy and no heaven to look forward to. . . Hell! That would give us a break. Yes?

But the Roman pilate, Pontius had most of his forces 3 days away in Caesarea and with the crowd baying for his blood, if he had not offered up some one, he himself would have been hanging from the walls of his own garrison.

The line in the sand is drawn for the benefit of those who lack the resolve to cross it. Or perhaps for the benefit of others who hope only that it will be feared. Either way there is fear.

The line in the sand is drawn as a result of fear – and the necessity to control it by transferring the fear to others whilst gaining control of them.

QED. Quod Est Demonstrandum

At the beginning of the exercise in civilizing humanity, a few clever souls realized that their fellows were basically a lazy, squalid rabble intent only on eating and fornicating and killing rivals in order to maintain their own miserable lot: for surely it was more miserable than today?

The recognition of this simple fact lead to the first conscious act to seize the leadership position knowingly.

The animal kingdoms alpha males merely react to the biology of their respective kind. They do not set out with conscious intent, and malice aforethought to commit larceny and murder based on an active greed.

Having knowingly seized the high ground the need to defend it, as well as the need to advertise ownership, becomes paramount.

Which is what the main thrust of advertising is all about.

Product manufacturers aim to seek the high ground – and can only do this if they con convince a bunch of unruly rabble to believe enough in the product to buy it. Thus driving up the ,market share. Thus gaining repeat purchase…

It becomes a religion….

The general population will believe anything – even the effectiveness of soap powders, which can only be proved by the scientific method and accountants – things the general population neither knows about nor cares to find out. They just want to believe.

By way of return mail he sent me this: The dybbuk of Mazel Tov IV Check It out later

I Believe in Everything - probably from watching too much StarTrek.

So. . . “Mr Sulu. Lay in a new course for a New Horizon. Ahead… WARP SPEED 9.”
We need to -

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