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Visions on A Mud Ball. The Rational Fantasy. By Moreno Franco

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Saturday Night Special. By Moreno Franco.

“You Better Hide" by YELLOW.  Featuring Heidi Happy.

My "Saturday Night Special",  which I painted for a friends up-market bar in Bracknell. U.K..
It was life-size and hung on the wall befind the bar counter - flanked with drinks shelves on both sides.
(A hint of how some Friday and Saturday nights end).

We all get cheated out of our fantasies. Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny,
The Tooth Fairy. Some of us go of to create other fantasies. And a few more to realise those fantasies.
Experience the terrifyingly unreal reality of Fancy as it takes flight.

The difference between fantasy and reality is commitment to the adventure.
The brain is a wonderful, but frustrating educational toy. It comes pre-assembled, requires no batteries, and is constantly fascinating, whilst being continually elusive in giving up its operating procedures.
Its surprises surface just as the finer modes recede, just when you were thinking you have gotten the hang of the darned thing.

And like all toys you might possess, other people are want to play with it too, rather playing with your than their own. Squabbles and disagreements are given new life when you play with your brain differently from the way they play with theirs.

If you don’t want to play their way – they say that you are “loosing the plot”, or that you have “lost your marbles”.

Rational thought is a game that is both widely and poorly played – and also widely acclaimed although it is more often associated with the mundane.
Fantasy or imagination on the other hand requires a very firm discipline. First one has to understand rational thought. Then one has to devise a way to manipulate the “rational” in order to present it in a new light.

Puns and Jokes are the simplest form. Art, as in music and illustration, are the most complex. More so than “rational” scientific or mathematical rationalization and thought.
Science and mathematics need to conform to a set of rules that can be examined logically by other people, for the purpose of acceptance or denial.

Art on the other hand asks, convinces the audience to suspend their held “rationality”, suspend their disbelief in order to appreciate another view of reality.
Art is fantasy made real. The moment fantasy emerges into reality it begins to form and mould itself onto the rational template… and pretty soon it is no longer fantasy.

It is Dream brought to Life. It is Mind Living. It is Spirit Moving. It Is Not Yours -

Not Anymore.

My fantasies were made real by you, my precious Donna Strega – by knowing you, touching you . . . breath was breathed into the dust and the dream got up and walked.

Time flows like honey, but only fools know what it means - temptation, I can’t resist

Stay - Stay with me

This is how I discovered . . .

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