The Book of Vasche Vexvelt

Vasche Vexvelt. I Serve the Red Queen. By Moreno Franco

You Are Here...

Arrival of the Red Queen.

The Red Queen. At once, The Beauty and The Terror. The sublime and the inevitable.

“Good Day to Die" Composed by Miguel Johnson.
The trumpeted arrival of The Red Queen and her armed and lethal, elite Cohortēs Praetōriae.

Prologue: The ships of the Vasche Vexvelt make landfall.
The Red Queen's advance marines quickly quell any resistance.

Superior equipment and the greater number of her Infantry provide all the advantage needed to crush everything in their path.
Prior to the ground invasion, The Vasche destroyed all orbiting satellites - immediately denying global communication of any sort.

Within hours, every major centre on the Planet has been sacked, all TV and radio communication hubs are neutralized and destroyed, and all electrical infrastructure disrupted and shut down.
In just one day, civilization has been thrown back into the Dark Ages.

The Red Queen's unstoppable reign of plunder has begun.

You could never guess –
But you do know me . . .
You know, but onward the journey
With out a map. Without a star
No Compass
Entering uncharted territory
Walking down here
is so undoing
It is easier to fly

And so, Let Us Fly
see all there is
And be free
It is colder up in these reaches
But far clearer.
As clear as Gods eye.

To Hunt - an not be the hunted-
Riding the fast lane
In the Red Queens Race
We see only the track
Oblivious of the cheerful, scorning
Crowd of non-Participants
Who believe their chant
To be the truth –
That we have the wings
And dreams to travel beyond this ensorcelled realm
of grey sleeping mass

We can see -
Points of light in the emerald green beyond
Where the speed of thought
Is winged with fire

Power beyond the
Starless and Bible Black
burden –
Is ours for the wishing
"let us make that wish a reality.


The Red Queen desires to hear only, "Serviam!" (I will serve).
There is no other answer to her request.

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