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In Hot Pursuit

"In Hot Pursuit"  This is what 'hot pusuit' looks like. Urgent! Wake Up!
You are now 24 hours behind the target you just became aware of . . .
Your competition just launched a new product. Or, Consumers have suddenly changed course based on some advert, and your plan is???
WHAT? Is you new Marketing / Sales / Product Strategy going to Be?

Contact and Acquisition:
Procurement of materiel, copy, images and general informational content required for the production and publication of a “Name With-held” Website

Procedure for Event Organizer / Event Manager Targeting and Contact

Identify the Opportunity: At this step, we are only to consider the Targets:
• Value
• Net worth
• Future Possibilities

Value means  – What can we realistically gain from the association in terms of:
pre and post event  Product Sell-On . . .
ie. Hotel Reservations plus Car Rental, Safari, Bush & Beach or Guided Tours.

Net Worth means  – what is the actual value of the Company or Organization that is hosting the Event. Ie how big is the operation, reputation, experience, years in business OR what is the Size / Visibility of the Company BEING HOSTED ie Shell, Volvo, Vodacom, Pick ‘n Pay...

What favorable results will this produce at this time
[Remember: we are not going after Every event sponsor / organizer on the continent.
Just certain Types. What these are, we need to determine.

Listing Your Targets & Goals

Blue Chip Companies
American Express level Delegates.
Platinum Class
Gold Card / Diners Card Holders
High Profile Items
Wide Media Coverage Items
Environmental Items
Government and NGO’s
Sporting Organizations

Future Possibilities means  – identifying, seeking or manufacturing further commercial spin-offs that can result from Our Event Website Representation.

Event Opportunity Identification
In the interest of simplifying our task we will first have to determine what constitutes an “event”  as we currently display it on our websites, and what should be done to separate "events" from conventions and conferences.

This document will also set out the difference between public entertainment, (Led Zeppelin) public interest, (G5 Summit) and private conference (Corporate)

Events such as public spectacles, are not the same as specific conventions, trade shows expos and institutional conferences.

Type I Event

Corporate Sponsored.
Open to public participation.
Publication:  by arrangement. Limited input required. Easy to produce.
Delivery:  Via internet. For Free and Gratis on our HotelGuides with the hope that we will get accomm bookings.
Approach:  As is currently. 1 page. General public Announcement.
Commercial Value:  Low. Needs public to require accommodation at/near venue. Hotels.

Type II Event

Institution or Govt Sponsored.
Limited public participation.
Publication:  by arrangement. Limited input required. Easy to produce
Delivery:  For Free and Gratis on our HotelGuides Plus direct access to the Delegate / Attendee List, so as to offer pre-booking etc.
Approach:  As current.1 page. General public Announcement. Plus direct mail shot and more,
Commercial Value:  Moderate to high. Direct selling of accomm at venue, post event offers.

Type III Event

Aimed at specific industry. Inter-Professional , Governmental
Publication:  by negotiation. Concerted effort required. More time required to assemble
Delivery:  For Free and Gratis linked off client site.
Approach:  MSI web site. 1 website as Attachment site. Direct mail-shots. Plus direct access to the Delegate / Attendee List, so as to offer pre-booking etc
Commercial Value:  Better than III. Direct selling of accomm at venue, post event offers. Presents an avenue for further corporate spin-offs

Type IV Event

Corporate internal.
No public participation.
More time required to negotiate, assemble
Delivery:  Via corporate intranet. Mail targeting. Direct mail. Knock ‘n Drop
Approach:  Directly. In person and negotiated. Relation-ship building.
Commercial Value:  High

With reference to Type IV Events: 
Much of the approach and ground work will be developed from contacts made, and information obtained during the pursuit and establishment of the other 3 event types.

For the purpose of this document – Type IV events will be ignored, since the reasons, methods, needs and delivery are of a different order of magnitude.

The Different Components of an Event
• Sponsor  – The Money. Institutional organizations, governmental bodies, Companies.

• Organizer  – The company/s in charge of the logistics of the event

• Marketing Team  – The company/s tasked with the advertising and securing of tenants

• Host  – The owners of the Venue where the event is held – where applicable

Determine and Acquire the Target. PERSONALLY

• By PHONE:  E-mail is 'VERBOTEN'. Find out who the person is that you need to speak with – in order to present our services/credentials/trade agreements.
• Speak to them.  Introduce yourself and Introduce ... , who is your client.
• Tell them your intent. Make your pitch in one sentence in fifteen seconds
• Raise their interest  – because what you are in essence offering is A Free Service and An Unexpected Marketing Opportunity.
• Follow up  your telecon immediately with our standard proforma Introduction e-mail.

In less than one minute.
Be specific about this. Inform the Contactee that this is being done now "as you speak…" so that they will be expecting the mail and will therefore
be looking out for it.
Or, they will see the mail arrive and be reminded of the earlier conversation.

Note: Cold Call E-Mails never work.  The person that you are targeting considers cold call e-mails as junk mail-shots and will very most likely,
disregard your first e-mail.

First Contact 
The first contact must be concise – which is not the same as brief. “Brief” is too brief, for a first time pitch.
You cannot over-sell by presenting the cold facts of a great opportunity.

Document and Track Everything

Document and Track Everything

You can be sure that Mazda, IBM and NASA document everything.

What worked? What did not work? Where did it fail?
I you cannot refer back to what you (PLURAL - because you are a group, all engaged in different aspects of the task) did, you cannot adjust your thinking / approach / course / attack / resources / budget.

This is where my expertise will prove invaluable.  As a part of your Strategy Team, I can assist in the broad overview AND the nitty gritty.

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