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Design Concept and Brand Development

Concept Development: From Concept to Flight: part Science, part Art, part Psychology. part Marketing, All DESIGN.

As a Freelance graphic designer in Bracknell. U.K. I have provided Branding concepts and Brand developement for almost forty years.
So, you might say that I have "had some practice". At the best design houses in South Africa.

If you imagine that the illustration above is humorous, you can start kissing your money good-bye.

I draw your attention to why Design is Expensive - especially when it is for the purpose of BRANDING.
Instant design is easy. Unmemorable branding can be created in under an hour. And costs you very little.
Therefore, it is repeatable. And you can keep on doing it. Never reaching any thing you could label as "Success".

Branding Concepts and Brand Developement ACTUALLY ARE Rocket Science

If your idea of 'design' and 'branding' has got the word "budget" in the brief, you have arrived in the wrong place.
Now is the time to "move On".

IF: Graphic Design Success were compared to science-fiction movie spaceship design, which it most usually is - you would understand why there is so much uninspired design arriving in the 21st Century.

Anyone with a computer and a few design programs, is suddenly a "designer".
No qualifications other than the ability to operate a mouse and a keyboard. And press the "Print" button.

Here is Design Success Rated in the Order of Highest Probability of Occuring:

1 Blows Up on The Launch Pad
2 Fails at Max Q
3 Not Great, Not Terrible
4 Enjoy the Ride
5 Please Abduct Me

This page demonstrates some of my "also-ran" ideas.

For the more idiomatically-challenged of you. . .
in a horse race, after first, second and third placing - there is "also ran"

Yacht Hull Logo

Sometimes things just dont work out. The client brief was fairly open.
I used purple for the 'Villain' which was based on the movie: "Killing Eve".
Client wanted to stay "nautiacal".
So blue she is.
Spec. U.K.

"Villanelle" Typography

Typograhy to match the 'flow of the waves'.
A time-consuming excercise - well executed.

Yacht Hull Applique

The final design extended to follow the length of the catamaran hull, and semi-conceal the windows using perforated vinyl apllication.
More changes were suggested that would so change the design, that the effort exceeded the budget. I had o bail out of the project. It happens.

J1 Aegis Logo Concept

Logo Concept for Luxury Car Auto-Stylers. J1 Aegis. Jardine Motors. U.K.

Sadly the design was disqualified by DesignCrowd, who maintain that these designs are "mock-ups" - because the typography is on the side of a vehicle.

O Lumiere Wine Logo

Had I visited their half-complete, half-arsed website BEFORE starting this task - I would never have undertaken it.
Spec: U.S.A.

Crucible Energy

Client chose: Bold 'Crucible'- Light 'NRG'. ???
Go Figure!
Spec: Nigeria

Bridget Air Aviator Training Company Logo

Aviator Training Co.

Bridget Air Aviator Training Company


Other design was chosen for company T-shirts.
Had I visited their half-complete, half-arsed website BEFORE starting this task - I would never have undertaken it.
Spec: U.S.A.

Fleurty Roses Logo

Roses on Call?

Fleurty Roses Call and Deliver Service
Spec: New York.

Bridget Air Aviator Training Company Logo

Risk Management Co.

Start-up company.
Spec; Richmond. New York

Audio-Visual Staging company logo

Audio-Visual Staging Co.

Audio-visual staging for event hire.
Spec; USA

Trial Attorneys

Logo Concept for Vames Wang Sosa - Trial Attorneys. U.S.A.
Part of a pitch by several designers.
Died still-born on the drawing table.
Guess you can't win 'em all.

JFM Logo

Spec: U.K.

Digital Visual Systems

Machine vision research and development company.
Spec. South Africa.

Montana Metal Fabrication

Sometimes things don't work out. Close. But No Cigar!
Spec. Great Falls. Montana

Beach Real Estate Developer

Also - Close. But No Cigar!
Spec. Florida

Logo Concept for Corporate T-Shirts. U.S.A.

Presenting the logo in sleek, dramatic dark tones.

Everything was rinky-dink, until they requested the "astronaut". This bombed because I rendered a drawing of a photograph taken by a real astronaut.

They wanted something cartooney.

I don't do cartoons. Such is life.

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