Air-Brush Illustration by Studio Franco. Bracknell. U.K.

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Come Fly with Me Studio Franco Self-Promo

Bis-s-s-s - Cayne  by Chevrolet. The word just slides off ones tongue. "Come Fly with Me" Studio Franco self-promo art.

Material Use for Air-Brush Illustration

Depending on the use of the art, materials vary.

For commercial art / illustration, I have used Magicolor waterproof inks on Schoellershammer Art Board.
BOTH inks and paint are vibrant and transparent to a degree, so that I achieve color tones by overlaying colours rather than mixing them.

Schoellershammer Art Board is ideal for airbrush work sice it is extremely dense and ideal for frisket cutting without cutting into the board.

The reason for using Schoellershammer Art Board is that once the art has been photographed for publication, it is easy to store...

I have managed to retain the better stuff... not all of my work was what I would like to say was worth keeping. Toothpaste tube and detergent bottle illustration does not art make.

For private commissions I have used Schoellershammer on some occasions, but for larger work I have used 3mm or 5mm tempered Masonite.

I use the back of the masonite to utilise the mesh texture as part of the illustration as a "canvas".

Once the board has been prepped with a white gesso, I have used any of these Acrylic paints.
Golden Open, Brera, Van Gogh acrylics and also Daler - Rowney Pearlescent Acrylic Ink which Pearlescent liquid Acrylic creates shimmering, pearlized effects.

All these acrylics are water-based, brilliant and extremely light fast.

Cadillac Coupe de Ville - 1952

Sexy Cars

Cadillac Coupé de Ville - 1952.
Some commercial & some private commissions

Maria Juanita

Privately Commissioned Art

Maria Juanita.
Commissions by private individuals for home decor

The Phoenix Auraine

Beautiful Women

The Phoenix "Auraine".
Some commercial & some private commissions


Personal Collection

Airto Paradiso. Art for my own home

Telephonic Typewriter

Commercial Illustration

Telephonic Typewriter.
Commissioned by Ad agencies or design studios

Bionic Joint


Bionic Joint.
Portfolio work to demonstrate various styles

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