Freelance Photo Retouching & Image Manipulation. Bracknell. U.K.

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This is Image Restoration. The image as it originally what it was, and is meant to be.
NOT "boosted" beyond what it was.

Photo Image Correction & Enhancement

Almost anything is possible in digital photo restoration of old photos.
But not images from printed newspapers, books or magazines. These have been through the repro process and are comprised of dots.

Missing features can be "built-in". Backgrounds an be altered.

Restore Old Photographs or Create a Montage

The photo at left took about twelve hours to restore.
We offer: digital photo color-correction, photo montage and digital photo restoration & retouching.

Even better! we offer digital photo-compositing, whereby elements from various soures are combined into a single image.

Please Visit: Digital Re-Touching to see examples of the work.

Old Master Rendition

Not Forgeries of old masters, mind you. But digitally manipulated

Imagine having the old master of your choice, and YOU are in it. I will remember it for you, wholesale.

You and your beloved. You yourself only. In an "Original" Old Master. On a proper stretched canvas. Original as it gets.

These are rendered digitally. The light-fast inks are those you see being used as mural wall paper in shopping malls, airports and events.

The substrate can be either a high-density board-paper - for framing under glass - OR, on a canvas-textured substrate, for stretching and mounting on a frame.

Let us discus what you have in mind.

50% up front. 25% at the Half-way mark.

Balance on completion.

Escalation fees apply with delays in collection of payment.

Enquiries in confidence.

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