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The Tourist

The Tourist: by Ray Davies
"The natives are getting restless in the tropical heat
Work is scarce - and children play - while the dogs fight in the street
And in the hotels all the Tourists dine on local fare
While the waiters stand and stare
And in the street - taxi cabs - crawl around for vice
To the sound of the Tourist in the casino
Ratt - a - ling the dice
Money Money . . ."

Proposed Local 'INSERT CLIENT NAME HERE' Marketing Campaign

'CLIENT NAME'S' Primary Target Market:

Lower Income Group:  The “Independent Traveller/Back-Packer” youth market wanting to visit Kruger Park.

Middle Income Group:  Young, professional and perhaps second time visitor. Graduated from the previous category.

These two groups are Tourists only. No locals

These two markets we currently have gained by internet marketing alone.
We know that they are all foreign tourists. or at the very least the majority of our customers
Unfortunately for us we have no Customer History on which to base our assumptions – so we have to go with the next best thing, which is “Assumptions” based on past Experience.

• Our customers were another operators clients.
• We may have known where those clients originated – but we never kept track
• We have no idea of the ratio of tourists to locals that we have sent out on safari

Assessing the Target Market already in South Africa:
This assessment will review pro’s and con’s of advertising as regards tourists and local population.

Assuming a person/couple/group on holiday in South Africa – backpackers or middle class professionals…
1. What is the likelihood that they have not planned their holiday?
2. What is the likelihood that they suddenly have 4 or 5 days extra on their hands
3. What is the likelihood of them having a budget they never had when they left home?

Even with a prayer, I think we can assume that the figure is not very many of any of these.
So few in fact that we would have to know them personally to find them.

But even if we were to push the bounds of probability and say : there are in fact so many tourists that they represent a viable target market that will justify the budget of R100 000 that will be needed to attract them… how should we do this campaign

1. Through Backpacker Hostels:  We already know that we do not want to be involved in any marketing activity with the lower end of the marketing, as was discussed in the previous document – See Attached
2. Through Hotels:  If our objective is to catch the middle income market – we have the option of pamphletting with our preferred suppliers in this field.
Personally, I have no faith in this approach. And advise against it. Strongly.

If the thinking is set on hotels – then we should confine it to the Gauteng / Mpumalanga region where the travelers already are, and the assumed perception is that “Kruger Park this close”.

Pamphletting hotels in Bracknell. U.K. involves packing, freighting, airports and the relevant costs incurred and so on.
Which means that in all likelihood we might get some die-hard safari enthusiasts.

The hole in this theory is that if they were that die-hard, they would have made their arrangements with us before they came to SA.

If they are not such enthusiasts, the possibility that they will make an impulse buy is very low.

So that gets the tourists out of the mix.
Leaving the local population as our next best target.

I think that it is safe to assume the following:

Locals are more likely to be prompted into buying a holiday that they see in the print media or get on the air waves.

If they were to find us on the internet, then we have already sent them on safari, or we are about to, or we will be as soon as they have the cash saved up.

If they have not found us on the internet, then it must be because:
• they were not looking ON the internet
• they did not know how to look on the internet
• they were not looking for safaris, when they did look on the internet

We get so many enquiries and bookings from international clients and so few from locals.

So what were they doing?
What were they looking for?
Why did they not look for Kruger Park safari tours?

They are NOT looking because they are not aware.
They are not aware because it is NOT in the media they read

One can suppose that any resident in any country could well be looking for vacations beyond the borders of the home land, and more South Africans are looking for holidays overseas than at home.

The only reason for looking for a holiday closer to home is financial.

In a choice between Kruger Park and Greece, most locals would head for Greece if they had the money.

Kruger Park is for people who like wild life.

So how do we find those people?

Objective: To attract Safari Holiday Types
Having eliminated the political foot-ball of back-packer establishments and the unquantifiable, vague issue of hotel pamphletting – which are both tourist locales, this leaves us with the Local South African Population.

Locals: An evaluation
Working up from the lower-income market segment:

Target Market 1

Our primary target market is the low income market university / college students independent youth and backpacker traveler.
20-30 years of age
This group may go on safari for novelty and adventure

Target Market 2

This “Aspirer” market is middle income market
2-3 years out of university perhaps
Young Professional
27-35 years of age
Independent – but heading for settling down. Honeymooners?
This group may go on safari for the experience, and to tell friends. Trendy

Target Market 3

The “Settled” middle income market with disposable income
30 – 45+
2.5 children
This group may go on safari for any number of reasons that we need not go into in this document.

Other groups such as Pensioners, A+ Income earners do not fit the profile of the product. And can be discounted.
The percentage in numbers do not provide for a good revenue return
No consideration has been paid to them

Corporate groups and Club organizations can only be approached as a separate exercise.
The marketing activities required to reach them require a focused Direct Marketing approach that does not fit the scope of this proposal.
No consideration has been paid to them either

Strategy: Reaching the identified LOCAL markets

In Print Media
Target Market 1

Flyer Distribution & Poster Advertising
To attract local college / university and foreign exchange students, as well as youth and backpackers travellers without ready made plans should include strategically targeted venues:

Eateries / bars within the vicinity of student hangouts, hostels and backpack lodges
University Campuses – targeting the local student market
University Residences – targeting the local student market
Language Schools – targeting the exchange student market

Target Market 2
Target Market 3

• “Safari” type magazines
• TV guide magazines
• Travel Section of Sunday papers

Mail-Shot Inclusions:
Mail-Stuffers included with Edgars type or Vodacom / MTN Monthly accounts
I use the “edgars” here to suggest the type of business we can leverage.
In actual fact, a reasonable outlet would be the mobile phone providers, who bill our target market each month.
Bearing in mind that the Automated invoice mail-stuffing has a certain Cost Value associated with process line modification.
That Cost Value will be to our account - and needs to be factored into the campaign budget

This method arises from material in the attached document.
The target market may listen to the radio in their cars at drive-time. OR NOT.
Refer to page 11

Not on our radar.

Websites of local radio stations, hostels and hotels may be an option. The demographics will have to be explored.

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