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Smirnoff Comedy Evenings

Smirnoff Comedy Evenings Promotion
My creative solution for a poster advertising a Stand-Up Comedy Competition.
The event was held every Friday night for six weeks. Any one could go up on stage and do their schtick.
The crowd at the pub-restaurant. At the end of the evening one performance was the winner of the evening.
On the seventh week, the six winners would come back for the Final Show.
Up for grabs was a few cases of the Smirnoff Vodka range, and a whole lot of Smirnoff branded apparel, and branded patio / beach umbrella . . .

But WAIT! That's Not All!  You can throw a party for 10 of your friends: "Your Party - Our Money!"

Effectively Promoting Your Product and Your Brand

As a Freelance Graphic Designer, I like to tell clients: "The trick in brand promotion is not in creating an impactful promotion which will get you media attention till the next event. It is about integrating brand thought and achieving brand preference. It is only then that it becomes an effective brand and product promotion,  rather than just a successful one!"

I can produce anything that you can imagine for your branded products. In-store promotion. Out-door bill board media. Product Launch Events.

Give me a brief. I will determine a budget, (if you do not already have one). And let's get cracking.

Laminated Place Mat as Menu

Bespoke Fashion Boutique

Magazine Ad and Wall Art

Laminated Place Mat as Menu

Laminated Place-Mat as Menu

Bastille Brandy Sales Trade Presenters and Trade Media Campaign

Bastille Brandy Gift Pack

Bastille Brandy Competition

Bastille Brandy celebrates 100 years since the French Revolution.
Point-of-Consumption Promotional Items

Bastille Brandy Promo

Bastille Brandy Promotion

Bastille Brandy Sales Trade Presenters and Trade Media Campaign

Bastille Brandy Competition

Bastille 100-Year Gift Packaging

Unusual hexagonal gift packs as prize give-a-ways at bars and pubs. I did the package design and commissioned an artist to do the painting used on all promotional material.

Amstel Beer Competition PromoAmstel Beer Competition Promo

Amstel Beer Competition Promo

Above: A hand-crafted badge to go on the 1947 MG-TC (at Right), which was the prize in this Competition for Connoisseurs.
Point-of-Sale & Point-of Consumption items

Amstel Beer Competition Competition

Amstel Beer Competition Trade

Sales Trade Launch Presenter

Ohlsson's Beer Competition

Ohlsson's Beer Competition

"Make the Difference" Campaign.
Point-of-Sale & Point-of Consumption items

Heroic Deeds - Responders in Faith Conference Logo

Conference Theme - 2023

Heroic Deeds - Responders in Faith Conference.
For Banners, T-shirts, conference material

Boutique Decor

For a swim-wear and surf boutique / shop.
Client - Prahia-Azurra - Durban

Japanese I-Cafe Street Poster

Japanese I-Cafe Street Poster

It just looks Japanese. In the day of I-Cafe's. Bracknell. U.K. fills with foreign tourits over the Christmas season. These posters were to direct them to the Virtual Turtle

Russian I-Cafe Street Poster

Russian I-Cafe Street Poster

In ACTUAL Russian. These two posters were part of a range of five

Jordan Magazine Ad

Magazine Ad & Point-of-Sale

For Jordan Shoes. When the Account Manager was briefing me on this job - I told her the Client could: "Take a Hike!" And that became the name for this Ad Campaign

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