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Pr-Project Overview
A Sample Evaluation Report providing a Pre-Project Overview

Written for a Client's Sales and Production teams

This website is primarily a travel product site:

It offers Pre & Post Conference destinations and activities.

It is designed to operate in conjunction with the website of an event organizer. Or the event host / sponsor. Not the venue Host – unless we see a gap.

If we can secure a direct approach to the Host – we may offer the “same site – different address” as in the project-site.

Site Objective
To provide delegates/visitors with travel options that can follow on from their conference activity.

The site may have Auxiliary Menu offering hotel accomm in areas other than where the conference is being held. However, we would be better served to rather link out from this site to the Hotel Network site.

Rationale for Site Content
This website will contain the types of products and information suited primarily to the Pre & Post-Conference market.

The Product Focus will be on:
Short, focused itineraries
Africa exotic
Some informative / educational

Product Supplementary should include:
Corporate Team Options
Incentive Days & Reward Packages

This is so that we can also get some mileage out of the site, vis-à-vis the Corporate Direct Project

The Target Market:
Business Class Executive, Corporate, Government, Institutional.
Male : Female = 60 : 40%
Income: Upper B to A+++

Psych Profile
Nominally: aspirational, influential
Very well educated, very well read, well traveled
Used to being looked after – because can afford it.
(junior personnel aspire to this, and therefore set their sights high by emulating their superiors)

To provide a more exciting and reachable (ie feasible) offering of Travel Options than our competition.
Remember - these people are busy and may only have 3 days in which to do something.

Majority of offering have to be "localised" or reachable by air in less than 3 hours

Product Categories:
Executive Getaways
Botswana Fly-In Safaris
Out of Africa Experience – this will be Kenya, Tanzania products
Tropical Weekend Break-Aways – Durban, Mocambique, Zanzibar products
Bush and Beach Options - Kruger Park or KZN lodges combined with Mocambique or Durban Vacation packages

Executive Accommodation - boutique hotels
Management Bush Getaways - Some Luxury Greater Kruger and KZN safari lodges
Victoria Falls and Zambia
Vic Falls and Zambia Corporate Team Options - Group booked activities
Incentive Days & Reward Packages

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