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Package Design by Studio Franco Design

Package Design by Studio Franco Design

When you see it, you have to have it. To believe me, just observe your own buying habits of Branded Products.
This is the service you will be contracting me for.

The Product Package is the corporate messenger. And is the biggest medium of Visual Communication. If you don't believe me, ask some of your friends to recall the TV commercial or magazine ad that compelled them to look for the product.

Chances are, that for each one they can recall, there are another 19 that they will not remember.

BUT - everyone responds to the "touchy-feely" magic of the packaging of the products they finally purchase.

Ultimately the Package is an Objet d'Art. An Object of Desire.

One of the biggest problems Package Designers and Clients often face is Each Other.

Client wants something “great”. The Package Designer wants to do something “great”.
What is overlooked sometimes – is the Audience.
That fickle illusive Target Market.

Every design project faces this starting gun: Between “Cheap ‘n Cheerful” and “You’d Better Have Money” – is The Sweet Spot.

That is why job candidates have impressed upon them, that which successful prostitutes know intuitively: “Dress for the Part”.

This explains why this Package Design portfolio is so diverse in content.
The Target Audience is the one that is paying for the show.
Not Client. Nor the Package Designer.

Wine Label Range for Kalahari Boma Restaurant

Kalahari Boma Restaurant

Typography. Wine Label Range.
Brand appears vertically.
Client: Kalahari Boma. Stellenbosch

Body Care Products

Satori Bodycare Packaging

Pack Range and Bottle Design
Brand appears vertically.
Client: Satori. USA.

Body Care Products

Satori Bodycare Typo

Client: Satori. USA.

Frozen Pizza Packaging

I&J Frozen Pizza Slices

Four individual slices in a novel package.
Triangular box.
Photo Direction. Pack design. Box Die design.
Client: Bates Worldwide. For I&J Foods

Gift Bottle Packaging

Bastille Brandy Gift Packaging

100 Years Anniversary Celebration.
Hexagonal box.
Client: Young & Rubicam. Bastille Brandy

Regret Chilli Sauce

Regret Assured

Habanero chilli sauce bottle in a whiskey hip flask
The product id the Warning!
Two for the price of one?
Client: Cape Town Chilli Grower

Captain Kream - Ice Cream

Captain Kream - Ice Cream

Art rendered in Stabilo Pens on bromide paper
Kids Ice-cream. The "picture is the product name"
Client: Stable Graphics. Durban

Bakers Bicuits Presentation Box

Bakers Bicuits Presentation Box

Christmas Family Biscuit Tray.
With a real "Old-Time" Traditional Feel
Client: Paton Tupper. For Bakers Biscuits Durban

Dried Fruit Packaging

WildRoots Dried Fruit 2

If one does not work . . .
The 'clear window' is IN the design
Client: Continental Mills. USA

WildRoots Dried Fruit 3

Maybe two or three will.
Client: Continental Mills. USA

Dried Fruit Packaging

WildRoots Dried Fruit 4

You can always call it a 'breakfast snack'.
Client: Continental Mills. USA

Dried Fruit Packaging

WildRoots Dried Fruit 1

Eat Healthy. Photo Direction and Design
Client: Continental Mills. USA

Shoe Packaging

Jordan - Mens Shoes

Varnished shoebox design
Contrast of shiny and matt ink varnishes
Bates Worldwide. For Jordan Shoes

Shoe Packaging

Anton Fabi - Mens Shoes

Varnished shoebox design
Contrast of shiny and matt ink varnishes
Bates Worldwide. For Jordan Shoes

Wall Cladding Packaging

Earth Anatomy Packaging (F)

Package design for a thin natural granitic wall veneer / wallpaper
Freelanced. U.S.A.

Earth Anatomy Packaging (B)

Package design for a thin natural granitic wall veneer / wallpaper
Freelanced. U.S.A.

African Beauty Spa-Product Packaging

African Beauty Spa Hamper

Shipping Packaging for client-selected online Spa product purchases.
Freelanced. Cape Town.

Miami Farce Poster

Enema of The State Cigarettes

My Political Commentary
Following the invasion of Ukraine
Client: Me

Promotional art for Bastille Brandy

S T A R T   A   R E V O L U T I O N ! Packaging and Promotional art for Bastille Brandy. BASTILLE 1789 Distillers
Illustration produced by a commissioned artist for this promotion.

Package Design is at the Front-line of the Assault. . .

upon the senses of the consumer.
Buy Now! Only 750 million left!

Fortunately, Package Design has not yet become a cottage industry.

Everything we design and produce has to be packaged. Which requires further design. Eventually the Design IS the package.
Ultimately the package is an objet d'art. An object of desire.

When you see it you have to have it. After all how many products haven't you bought because of the packaging?

How many times have you been introduced to a product, by a friend, that you thought was great –
except that you would never have bought it because you didn't like the box.

The Package is the Corporate Messenger

Pack Design Science. 101

Pack design literature has concentrated on the growing importance of design in packaging and the role of packaging as a vehicle for communication and branding.

While there is considerable literature on pack design research techniques, these have mainly been applied to individual pack designs.
There is little general empirical research. The role of pack design changed with the move to self-service and the pack became an essential part of the selling process.

The move to larger supermarkets and increased segmentation of markets has led to the proliferation of products, so that packaging has to work in a more crowded competitive context both in the retail environment and in the kitchen.

Impulse buying is also increasing, with an estimated half of all grocery purchases being unplanned.
A quantitative survey conducted by the Henley Centre concluded that 73 percent of purchase decisions were made at point of sale.
The tendency to a weekly shop, and the large number of items purchased at one stop, leads to less time to make the purchase decision, and consequent need for the pack design to work harder.

It is "suggested" that packaging may be the biggest medium of communication.

"Suggested"? Your package design is Your LAST, BEST and ONLY AMBASSADOR that you can send out into the shop and supermarket wilderness.
Your First Choice - and Last Hope, is THE LABEL. The one Consumers see in their hurried dash get shopping done with, and move on with Life.

TV, print media and YouTube can help.
Yet the "Front Line" is on that Shelf. Somewhere. Out There. Where you have that last, little bit of CONTROL.

Three Reasons Are Given For This:

its extensive reach to nearly all purchasers of the category;
its presence at the crucial moment when the purchase decision is made; and
the high level of involvement for users who will actively scan packaging for information.

This involvement of the user makes the packaging an essential element in branding, both in the communication of brand values and as an essential part of the brand.

The design of the pack itself also appears to be an incentive to buy

Pack Design and Brand Name

A key element of any new product launch is the development of a strong pack design and brand name.

Communicate the 'personality' of the product
Create interest at point-of-purchase (i.e. in store).
Bring the brand name to life

Pack Design Art

These are all the requests from Client, and all the attributes the designer or design house attempt to address.

• convey both the tangible and intangible attributes of a product.
• position it as a unique, exciting, desirable
• stand out from its competitors
• emphasise the qualities and appeal
• reinforcing that it was an XXX brand
• achieved impact by using XXX colours
• communicated the manufacturer's heritage
• have an immediate point-of-sale impact both on-shelf and in store display units
• developed in order to maximise the various multi-purchase opportunities available
• designed to entice trial and to encourage repeat purchase
• aimed to have broad appeal
• primarily targeted at XXX year olds
• chosen to communicate the XXX Qualities

All of which is meaningless in the light of the following observation: Recent marketing research into pack design has been inclined to support that which designers have insisted on all along, except they had no results from "empirical research".
That the asymmetry of perception requires that to enhance recall, words should be on the right-hand side of the pack, and images should be toward the left. Following the flow of the "reading eye". Which is why some Oriental packaging looks strange to the Occidental eye.

Marketing revolves around rapid communication: television commercials, free way bill-boards, packs in a supermarket.
Even flipping through a magazine. There are scant seconds in which to grab the consumer’s attention.

"Research in psychology on brain laterality, shows that perception is not symmetrical; for instance, words are recalled better if they are perceived from the right-hand side of the individual, while pictorial or non-verbal cues are more successful if coming from the left-hand side. Under conditions of rapid perception, e.g. scanning packs while walking along the aisle in a supermarket, this differential perception and the positioning of the elements in a pack design may make the difference between identifying and missing the item concerned".

Brand Name Your Baby

Like packaging, brand names play a critical role in the success of a product, by helping to create a product's 'personality'.

My father once told me that:
Everything is connected to everything else
Everything has to go somewhere
There is no such thing as a Free Lunch

This pretty much sums up the concept of packaging, pack design and Design Fees.

If you want to know more. . . please contact us.

The consumer wants “reliability” and “professionalism” and “feel-good” and “empathy”

Dreams and Differentiation.

So here are some good requirements:
• define the consumer
• prioritize the features necessary to hook the consumer

This will help us to communicate clearly what "success" means for the product and what "done" means.

These are two concepts that are often undefined and lead to poor design and feature creep.

Consumer interface is half Art and half Science.

You need to be able to understand the consumer’s goals, as well as your corporate goals. I will tell you of any technical limitations, and then translate that into a working piece of art.

This requires of you: mental creativity, communication, some technical understanding, and the ability to work as part of the product team.
The gap between all of these decreases as your involvement increases.

We can do Anything. How big is your budget?

Budget constraints are inevitable. However, just as your NEW product development can incur the INEVITABLE design-change costs, and development cost over-runs, you should plan a contingency fee for all the little extras you will be bound to want.

Look at it like this: it's like having a baby. You always need some extra thing that you never thought of.

Documenting the Design Process – a rationale for a company or a newly designed product, or even something in development, usually require the creation of task-oriented documentation as part of the marketability testing.

Task Based Documentation and Good Design Rationale go hand-in-hand.
Especially when you consider how copy writers can influence the consumers’ experience.

Define Your Vision

It always helps, in the design process, to have some sort of view of the end goal for the target Consumer to associate with.

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