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Executive Pre and Post-Conference Destinations Portfolio

The OBJECTIVE of this excercise is to make the lives of the Travel Consultants  easier. And NOT to help Customers.

Your STRATEGY will be to identify the Best Travel products / packages that match the TITLE of this document.

The RESULT of the implementation of the products / packages you identify is what will ultimately HELP Customers to make their choices.

Publication Requirenment:
What you WILL present the Customer with. A simplified leisure travel selection for busy executives, as well as Conference and Event Organisers.

Corporate and Executive Travel Focus 
XX’s specialist Africa Travel division focusses on the corporate travel market, catering only to business / executive relaxation and accommodation needs.

In conjunction with selected hospitality operators and service providers all across sub-equatorial and east Africa – we feature destinations and activities that will suit your time-constrained executive schedules.

Short to medium safari excursions, easily accessible locations and a simplified, suggested choice of excellent options.

Customized and specialized niche travel options. 
Apart from providing general and niche travel products for Pre and Post-Conference activities and destinations, we provide customized options to fit your needs of your schedule.

Kruger National Park  - Highly recommended for first time visitors to Africa, as it provides the perfect introduction to, and highlights of, an African wildlife destination.

Botswana  - From the pristine waterways of the Okavango to the harsh paradise of the Savuti, feel the rhythm of an ancient continent take hold of you.

Victoria Falls or Livingstone, Zambia  - Experience one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls, in a land of mighty rivers and valleys throbbing to Africa’s pulse.

Mozambique  - Africa’s premier African Beach destination. The coral reef rimmed islands and 2500km of pristine white beaches offer excellent snorkeling, diving and fishing and lodges.

Namibia  – probably best known for its desert landscapes and wide open spaces. The stark beauty and grandeur of this destination is sure to leave lasting memories.

Kenya  is where the safari was born and today still holds the reputation as the ultimate safari holiday destination. Experience the culture of the Masai and Samburu people, take in the breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro or watch pink Flamingo rise over the Rift Valley soda lakes.
Kenya will enthrall you with its diversity.

Tanzania  is a country of legends, of Great White Hunters and the intrepid explorers of the past. Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, offers possibly the ultimate exotic excursions to Zanzibar.

Sun City  has four luxurious and family friendly hotels from where you can enjoy all the entertainment. For a closer to nature stay during your Sun City experience, the nearby Pilanesburg Game Reserve has three luxury lodges from where you can enjoy all the entertainment and still wake to the sounds of the wilderness.

Rail Safari with Style  - Spoil yourself on one of the most luxurious and exclusive trains that South Africa has to offer when traveling between Bracknell. U.K. and Pretoria.

Since we compete on quality of experience, and not on price, Siyabona Africa endeavors to make a 'Foreign Ambassador' out of you, ensuring that you return home and back to work, where you will be able tell your business colleagues, as well as friends, of your Siyabona 'Africa Experience'.

This Pre and Post-Conference Travel selection will present:
Selected safaris, tours, break-away options and executive relaxation programs
• ease of booking and payment
• onward hotel reservations in Africa
In providing easily accessible travel choices for executive visitors to Africa, we aim to improve the quality of experience to attendees at conferences and seminars.

The selection presented on this web site is not our entire portfolio. If there is a destination or a custom package that you would prefer, go to... or speak with a XX Travel Consultant, who will assist you with your intended choice.

The Message to Customers: "Change the Way You Conduct Your Meetings"
Find out how you can combine a wildlife encounter with your executive meeting; appreciate introductions in educational travel; enjoy cultural interaction whilst on a corporate mission.
Make an adventure out of your normally stressful business arrangements.

We offer competitive rates through our partnerships with major hotel groups, Game Lodges, and Tour Operators throughout Southern Africa.

All travel options throughout the Siyabona Africa Travel network are supplied by quality registered and acknowledged service providers. This enables us to give XX Travel customers a 'Travel with Confidence' guarantee.

Hotel Accommodation in South Africa
Our Hotel Guide Network of over 300 South African hotels, highlights the best and most convenient hotels to consider for your accommodation. We are also able to assist you in arranging airport meet and greets, transfers, car hire and day tours.

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