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Sharp Pencils

The original pencils of Consigliere Pfadentrott, Advisor to the Pope, used to write these documents.

Blow-Your-Socks-Off Document Writing of Feasibilty Research

I take Document Writing very seriously. My freelance research document writing at the beginning of a design concept will serve as a road map. Highlighting both expectations and pit-falls.
During the writing process, holes in your thinking become apparent and solutions have to be crafted.
When your whole team is (supposedly) working "off the same page" - they will have an ACTUAL PAGE to refer to. As opposed to the throw-a-way line dropped at boardroom meetings and briefings.

A Document will also prevent expensive mistakes. After reading the Document you could well decide that the Concept is flawed - and ditch the project before spending any further time and money on it.

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Copy Writing for Corporate Presentation, Travel Journals, Internal Documentation and Contracts with The Devil

"Why War? Why Not Big Projects?"
"War is, essentially, A Big Project. The mobilisation of soldiers, equipment, materiel, food and fuel logistics . . .
All this requires planning, motivation and action.
If War is not difficult - then neither are Big Projects. . .

Recognizing Reasons for Complacency and Methods to Combat It
The issue of complacency is endemic in all large organizations.
This report reviews the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, including several for dealing with situations where knowledge is no help.
Root Causes of Organizational Complacency:
The first step in dealing with the problem is to recognize how deep-rooted and intractable it is. Many common assumptions and behaviors promote complacency.

My Compact Lifestyle Guide: Advice and Ideas for people living in Small Apartments
Several pages of my forray into that quagmire, fondly referred to as "affilliate marketing".
Compact Living is not about living “minimalist”, or about being being pushed into having to “compress” your lifestyle.
It is about making the conscious choice to change the parameters of your requirements.
Pretty much like quitting smoking or going on a diet. Compact Living in a Small Apartment is fairly Straight Forward.
Having the the intent of maximising small space usage, will shape your approach to the concept of what a Compact Lifestyle is really all about.

My Stint as a Safari Travel Writer in Botswana
Yes - I can write for Travel websites - with some unexpected flair, imagination, turns of phrase.
I am not building a link farm here -
To read: copy ' paste the links to a new browser.

Pre and Post-Event Destinations Portfolio
PRE-AMBLE: The OBJECTIVE of this excercise is to make the lives of the Travel Consultants  easier. And NOT to help Customers.
Your STRATEGY will be to identify the Best Travel products / packages that match the TITLE of this document.
The RESULT of the implementation of the products / packages you identify is what will ultimately HELP Customers to make their choices. . .

Marketing Program
Proposal / Strategy for seeking New Customers.

Avoid the 'Design Challenge' Trap with Studio Franco
Interpreting the Intent of a Question.
All job interview questions have a reason for being asked. Some questions have concealed reasons.
So be careful to read behind the question.

Hot Pursuit Planning
This is what 'hot pusuit' looks like. Urgent! Wake Up! You are now 24 hours behind the target you just became aware of . . .
Your competition just launched a new product. Or, Consumers have suddenly changed course based on some advert, and your plan is???

Pre-Project Overview
How to prepare for your next project.

Book of the Vasche Vexvelt
Bonus Ultra-Creative Reading!

This is a photographic essay - Souvenirs of The Safe Amnesia of History
It is a testimonial. A testimonial in the form of a diary :: a diary presented as an exhibition of photos and textual material. A text that is of a statement, supported by photographic evidence –

African Politics Dictionary of Alphaet Zoop!
Humorous Creative Reading

There is no irony here - nor humour.
Just the Dark Truth!

So Nice to See a Project Document in Action

Project Team Co-odination

A Good Document Gets Your Team Working Off The Same Script

But NOT Like This!

Every designer knows that people brief badly – every one that is, except the person giving the brief. The Briefer is, by his/her reliance on the passive voice, hobbled, leading to sentences like this one, in which the subject is acted upon with lumpy nouns, without ever saying exactly who the action is done by, so that the sentences get longer and longer as you listen and never seem to end, even when there is clearly nothing more to say in the sentence, at which point the Designer may get a meager little semi-colon; this gives him a rest so that he can go on and listen to another long phrase without really learning anything more that could illustrate the idea of the message that is being attempted to be put across, by which time the Designer is now trying to recall the original subject being briefed, because the Briefer has kept talking, even though his/her brain has long since been disengaged . . .

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