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I Have Been Designing and Building Websites Since the Beginning of the Internet

So if you are browsing this one, whats to tell you?
I have provided some links to work I have done and a Massive "Never-Ending Contract" I worked on, since it's inception in 1994.

Currently, in association with a programmer, a code writer and a web hosting service, we provide a seamless website design and technical service.

How much does a website cost? How long is a piece of string? Five pages? Cheap and Simple. Fifty Pages?
Try 187 Pages.
It is all relative. A Porche is nimble and fast. And Expensive.
A truck is a big, ugly, slow, Beast of Burden. AND Expensive. But - A Truck Makes Money! And Pays For It's Self!

So. Now how much will your website cost?

To be clear - I do NOT design or build a website.
I create a marketing tool and advertising channel.
You can bang a website out in less than two days - I can bang a hamburger out in 5 minutes.

However, if this is going to be a business tool - It will be great if we start with a marketing plan.

NOTICE: Because I do not wish my website to become a "Refferer" on Search Engines
- you can "copy 'n Paste" the links into your Address Bar in your browser.

Compact Lifestyle Guide Website Design

Compact Lifestyle Guide - Short and Sweet

My forray into affiliate marketing.

The aim of my Guide to Compact Living is to save you from the heart-ache of becoming a victim of "Buying Junk You Dont Need"!
My selection criteria started with the care that has been paid to "Product Design" - Is it pleasing to look at? And does it Work?

Compact Lifestyle Guide

Client: Studio Franco Design.

O3 Chemicals Website Design

O3 Chemicals - Cape Town. South Africa - Moderate

Created for a VERY successful company that manufactures environmentally-friendly cleaning products for air-conditioning service companies.


Donna Darkwolf Vos Website Design

Donna Darkwolf Vos - Complex

Created for the Pagan and Wiccan Arch-Priestess and founder of Circle of the African Moon, in South Africa.

An esoteric Digital Memorial to my Shiny Wife

Visit: Donna Darkwolf Vos

Client: Donna Darkwolf's Organization & Myself.

O3 Chemicals Website Design

South Africa Online - Huge

A truly massive undertaking involving many sectors of society and industry.
In its growing stages - this is destined to become a monster

It has everything to do with South Africa - places, people, products, holidays, industries...

I was responsible for many aspects - to many to spend time enumerating.
Suffice to say - there was a team of about 20 people with about 40 or 50 Content contributors and photographers.


O3 Chemicals Website Design

Airtek South Africa - Air Conditioning Specialists

A very detailed presentation aimed at residential consumers and corrporatins and factories.

I am responsible for just the design and copy writing.


Client: DCode for Airtek

Desert & Delta Safaris Website Design

South Africa Conference Venue Guide - Large

I was responsible for the Design and Marketing of this baby. With the help of the Siyabona team.

I was responsible for designing and writing: Outdoor Venues, Conference Planning, Leisure Travel, Business Travel & Event Planning

Visit >>


Desert & Delta Safaris Website Design

Desert & Delta Safaris. Botswana - Large and Massive

This is a screen-grab of the website from when I originally designed it.

Botswana is a very expensive destination to reach.

Everything you eat and drink at the lodges has to be flown in, or trucked in. Bring Money With!

Absorbed into: - Inside >
Best Botswana Safari Destinations
Okavango Delta / Moremi Game Reserve / Makgadikgadi Pans / Chobe


Kalahari Boma Restaurant Website Design

Kalahari Boma Restaurant. Stellenbosch. South Africa - Small

Created for a restaurant specialising in delivering the Real Afrikaans Barbecue Experience.
Due to open in mid 2022.


Client: Kalahari Boma

Bracknell. U.K. Luxury Holiday Apartments Website Design

Cape Town Luxury Holiday Apartments - Moderate

This is a screen-grab of the website from when I originally designed it.

Cape Town is a very beautiful holiday destination.

Now: Cape Town Luxury Holiday Apartments


webite design Franco on Safari

I worked extensively on these websites. Either as Production Manager, Copy Writer or Image Editor. The Images have changed - BUT - my finger prints are still here. Everything on the Left:

Me as a Safari Travel Writer in Botswana

Botswana Safari. My Travel Memoirs  -

Copy Writing, Image Editing, Navigational Architecture etc On these:
Kruger Park -
Botswana Safaris -
Mozambique Holidays -
Africa Safaris -


webite design

Now. Where do we start?

Aah! Website Spaghetti

EVERYTHING is connected to everything else.
Miss one "/", or one ":", Or one "." - in 8000 lines of code and you are proper Fkd!

Studio Franco Design

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