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Pandoras Box

Pandora's Disaster Management Kit: Just when you thought nothing could get much worse, somebody decides to . . .

What is “Marginal Thinking”, you may ask.

"And well you may.

“I AM asking!”
“And WELL you may . . .”

”Whether you are going to get any sort of response that amounts to a rational explanation is a horse of a different color.
Or, half of one and six dozen of the other.
Or, compounding an argument with the phrase “literally figurative” added into the sentence. .

Marginal Thinking is a ‘visual pun’ or, a visualization of a literal pun or - a visual interpretation of transposed terms, words or letters.

‘Last of the Mohicans’ becomes The Last of The Mohair Coons.

‘Butter up The Boss’ becomes Butt Hair up The Boss.

And the ’Lesser of Two Evils’ becomes the Lessor of Two Evils.

The Trick is in How You Twist an Explanation

It is easy to accept the concept of a ‘Department of Theoretical Physics’.
But the idea of a ‘ Theoretical  Department of Physics???’ opens up a whole new vista of possibilities and ideas.
To Wit:  No one has ever SEEN the Department on the University campus.
Nor knows personally, anyone who attends lectures there.

And, while there are countless papers and journals written by the various lecturing Professors - no one has ACTUALLY SEEN, much less met one of them.

The Departments' existence can be ‘INFERRED’ from the Pay-Roll data that shows that staff receive salaries, and the security access records show that the Professors log in and out of the Campus.

Further evidence is SUGGESTED by the student registration data that shows that students ARE ON the campus attending lectures at the Department.

I will leave the rest to you to build upon.

Useless Information that May Come in Handy at a Party:
"Etaoin Shrdlu" is the approximate order of frequency of the 12 most commonly used letters in the English language.
A combination of letters set by running a finger down the first, and then the second left-hand vertical banks of six keys of a Linotype machine, to produce a temporary marking slug, not intended to appear in the final printing.
BUT DID - OFTEN ENOUGH - TO ENTER THE MAIN-STREAM CONCIOUSNESS  when there were type-setting machines.

Nowadays we just have billions of bozo's who cannot spell or form a proper grammatical sentence of typed characters. . .

Evn tho there fones have spel chequers and a build in dick shinnery. Witch it a pears they kannot ewe's.

Images with a red border are available for purchase as Hi-Res Digital Prints on:

You Are Here...

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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box

A modern-day interpretation
Elements = Countless
Personal indulgence

Give a Man a Fish

A Life-Time's Supply

"Yoo-Hoo! I can make you Famous"
Another modern-day interpretation
Elements = Countless
Personal indulgence

'Etaoin Shrdlu' Revolution Poster

'Etaoin Shrdlu' Revolution Poster

Overthrow the government of your choice!
"Mobs that are law-less and left wing fa-na-tics
Lu-na-tic frin-gers who build bombs in at-tics
Is-lam-ic zea-lots de-mand time on TV
These are just some of my Favorite Things . . ."
(From Julie Andrews' "Favorite Things" 1965)

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New Year 2023 in a Box

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Microsoft Exert

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Programmed Frustration in A Box

Moreno Franco's Endless, Untarnished Credentials


Axolotl potrzbie for Chicano Shrdlu. 
New! Improved oobin glit gleebin broof


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