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Based on your brief Studio Franco Design will prepare a Pre-Planning Schedule which will include every proposed task required to fulfill the project.

It is this Schedule that determines the cost of your project.

This is considered a method for fair remuneration calculation, applied to both parties and takes into consideration the complexity of the proposed project.

Defining a fee structure is upon negotiation and as per agreement with each individual client.

This results in certainty and clarity regarding my Fees, at the outset of a project when the value of the total project cost is not yet known, or where there are to many unknowns to apply a cost estimate to the total project.

One initial free of charge client consultation. This consultation is NOT to provide design solutions, but to confirm the client’s brief and the extent of design services to be provided.

Upon this consultation I will create and provide a detailed quotation/contract outlining the scope of work and the fee structure proposal for your consideration and approval.

Fees are likely to be influenced by the extent of the services required, the size, complexity and specific requirements of the project.

Design & Final Art Pre-Planning

Because each project has its own unique requirements, the actual process and payment schedule can differ on a case-by-case basis.

Payment will take place in three stages.
50% up front. By Electronic Transfer. This is not a negotiable process. Please be advised that payments that do not originate from Standard Bank South Africa are subject to a 2 day turn-around delay at your own bank.

25% at Halfway Mark. This is the stage where you will review the almost completed work. This will be the time to make any final changes.

25% Balance On Completion. No work is released until the final payment is cleared.
This means inclusive of the 2-day turn around at your own bank to clear EFT payment.

Terms of Service

C'Est Moi

I was directing a photo-shoot for Jordan Shoes magazine Ad campaign.
The model never pitched. So I was compelled to take his place. We had the studio and photographer and THIS News Paper Suit. Show must go ON!

The suit was constructed from photo-stats of actual news papers, and
Papier-mâchéd onto a real suit.
Stiff as board - The jacket and shirt were cut open at the back - to dress from the front.
I had to lay down on the floor while three people got the trousers on, and stood me up.
Eventually they had to lift me up onto the pedestal for this shot.
Things I have to do for My Job.

"Thirty Days" payments are fine if you are willing to wait 30 days for the Final Art.

Escalation Fees apply with:
• significant changes to the initial brief arising from client oversight
• delays in collection or payment.

We can be fairly flexible with regard to all the above, but we rather avoid any payment disputes or problems.

Changes to the Initial Brief
On occasion this may be unavoidable. Minor changes may be worked around.

Significant changes will be regarded as a separate brief which will have a separate billing charged according to the time and effort required to "re-do work in progress".

It is for this reason that the initial Pre-Planning Design Requirements List must be read fully and carefully, before you sign off.

Final Production Pre-Flight:

Prior to Production:

Studio Franco Design assumes all responsibility technical.

Only Studio Franco Design will communicate with your repro or production house on technical matters pertaining to your digital or print media requirements for Final Material.

Client communication at this time is not advised due to the possibility of error.

Signed Off Material:

Client will agree that material once signed off, by Client, is cast in concrete.

Material appearing in print, after this, is by Client choice.

Party in dispute will bear the cost of breaking out.

1. This graphic design service is provided to protect Client and Studio Franco from possible overlaps of instruction.

2. This graphic design service exists to protect legal professional privelege in the domain of Studio Franco Design, beyond the Clients' originally intended use  of the material produced.

For example: Client uses posters intended for in-door display, at an out-door environment, where they either get wet in the rain, or fade prematurely.
Because this was not what they were designed for.

More Terms of Service

A Cartoon Life

The shirt and shoes were Papier-mâchéd over actual shirt and shoes.
Concept:  Franco
Art Direction:  Paul Metcalfe
Suit Construct: CEA Studio
Photography: Steve Corner
Client: Jordan Shoes
Agency: BSB Bates Worldwide

Mis-Use or Mis-Application of Supplied Work

Any attempt at blame or litigation arising from Client mis-use of Client commissioned work will be referred back to Client, or Clients appointed legal counsel.

Work is supplied for an intended use or application. Based on Client brief.
Other usage, with out consulting myself,  that results in material spoilage, or Client reputational embarrassment, falls solely under the purview of the Client, who briefed or instructed, the Client's appointed agent/s, employees, representatives - or any other party who mis-used the supplied material/s.
ie: you will have no recourse of blame.

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