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"TIME" is the Universes way of preventing Everything from Happening 'At Once'.

Photographs of My Mind - Everything at Once

Just beyond the realm of reality, lies the rough, imagined realm of possibility. Beyond possibility, science. Beyond science, art.

The artist . . . is not a painter, painting what he, or she sees.

The artist paints him, or herself, "there, in the moment".

Although I no longer have the time to paint or illustrate, this work is here for your pleasure.

All work is free of Copyright. Any claims to Copyright were either waived, or have long expired

The majority of work in this Galleria was rendered in airbrush, paint brush, good old paint and pencil, or pen and ink.
Some of it was rendered as an expression of "Self". Free from the demands of a buyer.

The majority of my work was commissioned with a specific content, color, style or ambience in mind – but with my interpretation of that persons wish to have a certain visual representation of their own particular vision. My illustration work has largely been an exploration, to render visible, The Undiscovered Country.

In producing graphic design, graphic illustration and digital photo retouching work for both private and commercial clients, the process has been akin to interpreting dreams. Aided by my dream to make money from my graphic design skills.

That said: most of the material you see here is available for sale on high-quality Innova Art  art paper or canvas substrate.

While much of this "Original Work" has been physically sold, some of it was sold only as "rights to use".
Meaning that I have retained the original Copyright to reproduce as Prints.

Contact me to purchase a high-res print on any substrate you wish: high-quality art paper, faux canvas, fabric.

Or, Buy my Art Direct on >>

My Illustrated Life @ Studio Franco Design. Bracknell. U.K.

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