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Setting all the goals and targets that you want is a pipe-dream until you get to the Hard Part - Getting The Job Done.

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Studio Franco Design offers art direction, creative direction, production management, image manipulation, package design and corporate identity developement.

I found this tear-jerking chain-jerker posted by a company, or their placement agency:

We are seeking a friendly, highly-skilled client services representative to make our clients feel valued and supported.
In this role, your duties include fostering positive client relations, (blah blah) and promptly directing customer complaints (yadi yadi).
Your duties will also include obtaining post-service client feedback. . . (blah blah fish paste)

Studio Franco Offers a Complete Suite of Corporate Design Services

Well this is not going to happen, I am afraid.
This is the "real world". And there are consequences.

Consequently I like to keep a piece of six-inch plate steel across my butt, while I conduct my tasks efficiently and professionally.
I mention this up-front so that there is a clear understanding of such terms as "bullet proof", and "not negotiable".

I love my job. And I want everyone else to love theirs.
And the best way for this to happen is to clearly understand what my responsibilities are to Client.

Any tasks not mentioned below should be considered as 'Charge-able' - and I will have to bill you for the "Extra Services Rendered".

Please Select 3 from Column "A", and 3 from Column "B"

Column "A"

Creative Director Functions: Print Related
• Oversee all creative projects and staff
• Responsibility for the overall quality of work produced by the creative department
• Responsibility for the preparation of advertising and marketing concepts
• Manage creative projects from concept to completion
• Translate marketing objectives into creative strategies
• Lead and direct the creative team in the production of advertising and marketing collateral
• I have an exceptional design background and excellent copywriting skills
• Strong communication and project management skills
• Plus 40 years experience in advanced leadership

Art Director Functions
• Oversee the artistic development of marketing, promotional materials, media and collateral; web sites; and internal and external corporate publications
• Direct illustrators, photographers and production artists on projects
• Work with copywriter to develop strategies for advertising or point-of-sale campaigns
• My design background and knowledge of Quark, FreeHand and Photoshop are suited to print media
• I have 35 years experience at this level

Creative Director Functions: Web Related
• Maintain computer file copies of various file types of logos and other corporate identity imagery
• Conversion of image files to Web-ready file types
• Determine the desired appearance of the site (colors, style, font type, etc), and coordinate the site's layout and storyboarding with Management and the Technical team
• Establish a consistent graphic identity, drawing on feedback from Management
• Establish graphic "cues" for visitors
• Prepare mock-ups for Team and Management feedback and approval

Desktop Publisher
• Electronically designs and produces printed materials such as advertisements, brochures and newsletters
• Consult with client or supervisor to evaluate individual project needs
• Prepares cost and time estimates for projects
• Review printed material to ensure quality control

Column "B"

Package Designer
• Produced containers, including boxes, tubes, bottles and shopping bags, for various items, such as food, beverages, clothing and cosmetics
• Worked with elements such as shape, color and graphics to create containers that are unique, functional and appealing to consumers
• A strong background in art and design
• A knowledge of marketing and consumer tastes and trends
• 40 years experience

Presentation Specialist - Corporate and Trade Exhibition / Expo
• Understanding and implementation of marketing strategy
• Ensuring the Skillful integration of copy and design
• Promoting Effective information organisation - by any means possible
• Strong design sense and organizational skills required
• Use Microsoft PowerPoint or any other App to create internal and external presentations
• 40 years experience

Digital Artist
• Create and modifiy print and web images, including photographs, using software tools
• Strong artistic ability and drawing skills combined with skill in various design programs such as Photoshop, Freehand, Premiere and Director
• I have a working knowledge of Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver As a conceptualist and creative director type, my role is to provide creative direction and input to those who are skilled, rather than doing the actual work
• Good technical skills
• Since DTP came on the market

Graphic Designer
• Develop the imagery used in a variety of creative projects, including presentations, brochures, advertisements, catalogs, direct mail, corporate identity and packaging
• Responsible for the design, layout and formatting of materials
• Design integration of typographic, photographic, illustrative and graphic elements
• 40 years experience

• Conceptualise and paint, draw or render ORIGINAL images used in a variety of materials and publications
• I have a fine arts education and work in a variety of mediums: pencil, ink, poster paint, acrylics – whether applied by paint brush or airbrush
• All my Life

Read: Client Responsibilites to The Project Design Brief

Doctors, astronauts, and plumbers need training to do their jobs. But anyone with a computer is a "graphic designer" . . .

All Design Briefs inevitably fall victim to Feature-Creep, Extended Deadlines and Cost Escalation.
Invariably, frustration and resentment develop.
And the 'urge-to-murder" arises.
This is why we provide this Handy Check-List of "Things To Be Aware Of".

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