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Research and Report on Consumer Trends

On-Line or Real-World Information Mining

Which Way is the Crowd Starting to Move? Is it a trend you can leverage?
Or just a fad that looks like Risky money?:
•  Find out things before we go Down the Rabbit Hole
•  Recognise when to Pull The Plug
•  Place Your Own Reason Here

All research is carried out under Non-Disclosure Agreements - therefore
I am unable to provide examples of my work.

However, the following Infographic will provide some enjoyment while I demonstrate how detailed my work gets.

Infographic Detailing The Collusion between Crime and Politics in South-Africa

Infographic Detailing The Collusion between the ANC government and criminals

This infographic details the Litany of Bungled criminal projects orchestrated by many members of the South African ANC government.

With more than 100 "touch-points'. . . "Organised" crime - this is NOT!
Favors, Gifts and Money passed at EVERY arrow point in this infographic.

Related: Follow Donald J. Trump's Grifting Money Trail by Infographic

This infographic explores how that Clown-of-a-Whore, Donald Trump, swindled America.

Non-Negotiable Terms of Service and Rates

Project Research Rates
Undertaken at the rate of $50 / hr. Minimum rate is $500 for 10 hours research.
Advance payment - $1 500. Document compilation - a further R500
Corporate Projects Undertaken at the rate of $42 / hr. Minimum rate is $840 for 20 hours research.

Advance Payment:
$420.00 Document compilation - a further $100 Allied Legal research: $40.00 / hr for as long as it takes. Advance payment - $1000 You will be advised at the 5 hour / $2000 mark - so as to enable us to gauge continuance or relief.

Project Feasability Exploration:
Contingency Fee deposit of $2 500 Further payments will be required as the process progresses, in on-going consultation with client

See Complimentary Intervention Undertaken at the rate of $42 / hr. Minimum rate is $1 260 for 30 hours research.

Advance payment- $1 300 Complimentary intervention:
Billed by voucher. As and when. On the day. No payment. No commencement. Document compilation - a further $500 Introduction to Party: 3.5% of MY estimated contracted value.

Payable in advance.
Paper Trail. Privacy Policy Due to hacking, mail interception and systems security compromises beyond our control

Following the initial introductory e-mail, your brief should be FAXED to me. All following communication, ie: your report, will only be faxed to you, or your designated officer. Other issues will be conducted telephonically. This ensures that if you do not compromise your own security in this issue, then the blame lays with your employee - and is thus your burden.

No credit cards. No cheques.
Direct EFT or bank money wire only. Receipt of such will be acknowledged by fax only.

No deposit - No Commencement Clause
The second payment will happen like this:
• I will fax you the executive summary
• You will pay the balance
• I will send the full Project Documentation

No compromises. No negotiation. No exceptions.

Party in error to bear the cost of breaking out.

Assuring Success:
In order to ensures success and timeous delivery, no discussions to alter these procedures will be entertained.

We wish to protect our reputations and avoid legal disputes: At the first sign of any attempt by the cliient to effect deviation from any of the above regarding privacy, payment, and client misbriefs - we reserve the right to decline further work, and suspend the project.

Monies paid to us remain ours. And work done for up until the moment of ceasing the project will be transferred to client in digital format.
We will retain none of the work thereafter. The client will be the sole holder of all the data, and it will client responsibility to secure and back-up the data by what ever means client sees fit.

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