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Studio Franco fine art Oxala

Oxala.  Pronounced: "O Shalla" in Portuguese. Like the Arab and Jewish "Inshalla". "God Willing"

Material Use for Fine Art Painting

For Fine Art Painting, I have used Rowney acrylic paints on Canvas or Masonite.
Rowney acrylic paints are vibrant and transparent to a degree, so that I achieve color tones by overlaying colours rather than mixing them.

I have used the back of 3mm or 5mm tempered Masonite to utilise the mesh texture as component of the illustration as a "canvas".

Once the board has been prepped with a white gesso, I have used any of these Acrylic paints: Golden Open, Brera, Van Gogh acrylics and also Daler - Rowney Pearlescent Acrylic Ink which Pearlescent liquid Acrylic creates shimmering, pearlized effects.

All these acrylics are water-based, brilliant and extremely light fast.

Barbarella's Straw Beach Hat

For Magazine Articles

Barbarella's Straw Beach Hat.
Commissioned by Ad agencies or design studios

Captain Coconut - Crash Landing

Privately Commissioned Art

Captain Coconut - Crash Landing.
Commissions by private individuals for home decor



Portfolio work to demonstrate various styles

Spanish Dancer

Shop Décor

Spanish Dancer

Exhibition Sales

50's Gas Station

Water Bearer

Personal Collection

The Water Bearer - Art for my own home

My Pavillion of Women

My Pavillion of Women

Pictures of my Shelf-Life: "A Todas Mis Mujeres" -
To All My Women. Who made this work possible.

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