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Ad and Design Agencies I have worked for / with

Ad and Design Agencies I have worked for / with.
Apart from having been the Chief Cook and Bottlewasher on Starship Enterprise, a Reservations Agent for the Gamma Hydra VII Nudist Colony for Women, and the Fire Marshal at Battersea Power Station - until it burned down, As a Freelance Graphic Designer, I have managed to develop a Resumé that is destined to become the sequel to The Bible. As well as a block-buster movie exposing the gritty seams holding together The Industry of Advertising.

Studio Franco Graphic Design Resumé

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Design Agencies Worked For:  Paton Tupper Associates, Stable Graphics, Young and Rubicam, BSB Bates Worldwide, Concept Marketing, Planet Art.

Design Agencies Freelanced For:  McCann-Erickson, J Walter Thompson, DDB Needham, Ogilvy's etc.

Foods:  Tongaat-Huletts SA. Wimpy Foods, Bakers, Bromor Foods, Pizza Hut, Woolworths, Pioneer Foods, Tiger Brands, Cadbury Schweppes, I & J Foods,
Sea Harvest, Kalahari Boma.

Alcohol: S.A. Breweries, Douglas Green, Stellenbosch Farmers Wineries,
Bastille Brandy, KWV Distillers, Drop Inn distributors.

Chemicals:  ICI Chemical, Pioneer Fertilizers, O3 Chemicals,
Tongaat Aluminium.

Travel: Siyabona Africa, Kruger Park Safaris, Desert and Delta Safaris – Botswana, Whichway Overland Co.

Apparel:  Michel Laurenz Fashion, Jordan Shoes, Pizzazz Boutique,
Ariane Flint.

Personal Care: Yardley Cosmetics, Unilever, Elida-Ponds

Corporate:  Southern Life Insurance, ABSA Bank, Honda Motor Cycle Co,
The Argus News Group, Pick ‘n Pay - Corporate, I & J Foods, Sea Harvest, Protea Hotel Group, Jaguar/Land Rover SA, Sandton Square, Heinz Kasper - Germany, Vexvelt Telemedia - Brasil, Siyabona Africa, Kruger Park Safaris

And finally the esteemed firm of Fumble Mumble Bumble & Snake.

Big Brands I Have Worked On

Core Graphic Design Focus

Over the past 40 years, I have focussed primarily on Below-The-Line accounts, and all my work has been devoted to:

  • Conceptual Design,
  • Package Design,
  • Logo and Corporate Identity Design,
  • Restaurant Menu Design,
  • Fashion Label Design,
  • Leisure Brochure Design,
  • Corporate Report Design,
  • Interior Concept Design,
  • Print Media,
  • Point-of-Sale Design,
  • Product Competition Design,
  • Web Site Design,
  • PowerPoint Presentation,
  • Farewell Cards for Retiring C-Suite Executives. . . had to put that one in.

    Commercial Illustration/ PhotoShop, FreeHand, Air Brush, Pen & Ink, Traditional paint brush, Acrylics, Inks, Casein...

    Product Design and Styling/ Container design including: Extruded aluminum monobloc for deodorants, Cardboard food containers, Glass cosmetics bottles, Extruded plastic liquids containers, Soap tablets, Sun-glasses, Sun-glass cases, Audio-cassette transporters...

    Digital Media Presentation/ Director (Movie), Adobe Premiere, PowerPoint

    Commissioned Painting/ Air Brush, Pen & Ink, Traditional paint brush, Acrylics, Inks, Casein...

    Commissioned Digital Art/ Custom illustration, Image Manipulation, Image Re-Touching Layout and Story Board Visuals/ Pen and Marker, FreeHand

    Exhibition Design/ Corporate exhibition stand design, exhibition set design and assembly Venue design, styling and dressing. Set design.

    Photographic Direction and Styling Video Direction/ Art & Script direction, and Video.

    I have worked as a:

    • Freelance Designer and Artist
    • Art Director
    • Creative Director
    • Conceptual Consultant
    • Exhibition Designer, Constructor and Logistics Manager
    • Design Production Manager
    • Project Manager

    Previous Contracts

    A 7 year contract engaged in New Business Development for Siyabona Africa

    Previously - for the Same Company

    A 7 year contract as Production Manager, Creative Director (BTL) and Special Projects Co-Ordinator for Siyabona Africa Travel, where I was instrumental in the start up of the business in 2000.
    The position required that I be responsible for:

    • Creative direction – for print, digital and web
    • Web Content production management
    • Web Development project management
    • On-line Marketing activities
    • Corporate marketing and communications - for this internet based travel destination marketing company.

    My responsibilities involved the formulation of the various product line marketing strategies, including development and implementation of media directed at the travel trade: both local all-Africa service providers and international buyers for the South African based leisure travel market.

    • Corporate Brand promotion and maintenance in positioning Siyabona Africa as a leading African Leisure Destination marketing company
    • Strategic Concepts for On-line Marketing–  conceptualizing and planning various "value-added" packages to increase traffic to the sites; assist in implementation of search engine optimization techniques.

    As Design Co-Ordinator my tasks encompassed::

    • all corporate design application,  and communication collateral, Corporate ID development for the Company, as well as for our affiliated partners and selected service providers.real and virtual world
    • over-all application of web-marketing driven design criteria to all publication material
    • editorial content quality assessment on the Siyabona Travel Network
    • Brochure and Media Ad design,  through to final repro and print.

    This also included directing the promotion of Siyabona Africa’s subsidiaries, Siyabona Africa Safari Company and Flying Lions Safaris

    As Production Manager::
    As Production Manager [read also Studio Manager, Traffic Manager, General Dog's Body], for this same company, I took responsibility for the application of design and editorial content needed for the web and on-line marketing / promotion activities, so as to satisfy our strategic marketing objectives in Travel Destination Marketing.

    As Project Leader my main tasks are::

    • Initiating Product Marketing Strategy
    • Product Assessment
    • Project Team performance and production levels
    • Critical Path: production scheduling, Performance and Production standards
    • Work flow assessment and task assignment
    • preparing relevant internal communication documentation of all the above

    As Project Manager I was involved in both Business and Marketing Development. My responsibilities aspects were:

    • Web-Site Production, Content and Editorial Management - driving a team of travel writers, and imaging artists
    • Website Design– taking responsibility for the look and feel of the various domains
    • Operational Evolution of the custom built content management interface: identifying ways to streamline production by implementing alternative operational methods, in close consultation with the programmers and support team. ie: improving usability
    • Strategic Concepts for On-line Marketing–  conceptualizing and planning various "value-added" packages to increase traffic to the sites; assist in implementation of search engine optimization techniques.
    • Corporate Communications- involving development of Communications Strategy and briefs. Development of Communications budgets. Management of client/supplier relationships. Appreciation for agency contracts and remuneration agreements.

    Program Skills

    • PhotoShop CS6, In-Design, Illustrator and Adobe Premiere
    • MS PowerPoint, Project Manager, Excel, Word, OutLook
    While am reasonably conversant with  DreamWeaver, Flash, and Fireworks and HTML
    I believe that as a Conceptualist and Creative/Art Director, or Production manager – I am better at directing the skills of those that are better at it than I am.
    While I look after the deliverable results.

    The Work

    As Siyabona is a Travel Network Company, the work is very focused. This does not imply that this is all I am capable of. I have been in the travel industry for 7 years, using skills that I have developed in other design and marketing companies.
    The domains cited on my website are each a sample of a greater product mix of a Travel Network.

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    The Long-Term Trajectory of Career Advancement. My Chequered Career

    I guess I have to do this - It's a Joke!

    But here it is anyway - to humour the more pedantic amongs us.

    2008 - Until 20 minutes Ago > Design and Conceptual Consultant
     I have been engaged in conceptual work for a variety of organizations.
    Most of my work has been aligned with sustainable energy, ecological design and consumer research projects.
    2000 - 2007 Siyabona Africa Travel
    Creative Director and Production Manager for one of the largest internet based travel companies in Africa.
    1995 – 2000  FreeLance Consultant

    • Ran various promotional, public relations and marketing exercise projects in the bar / restaurant entertainment / sponsored product arena.
    • Worked as a Location Scout and Location Manager for various TV production companies engaged in producing TV commercials.
    • Operated as a commodity / service broker – buying and selling.

    1991 – 1994.5  Bates Design
    Design and Marketing Conceptualizer / advisor to start up their a new Below-the-Line division
    I left Bates of my own accord to pursue other interests, just before they were taken over by DDB Needham out of New York.
    1989 – 1991  Concept Marketing Cape
    Art Director and Conceptual designer – along with the rest of the Cato-Johnson Team.
    1986 – 1989  Young & Rubicam Cape
    Art Director and chief designer for their new below-the-line Cato-Johnson  Division
    1985 – 1986 Paton Tupper Durban
    1984 – 1985 Stable Graphics Durban
    Assistant Creative Director and Studio Manager - managing ten designers in conjunction with the Creative Director and print buyer. Traffic controlling the briefs of the Account execs.

    1982 – 1984 Paton Tupper Durban
    Airbrush illustration and product design for the biggest design house in the southern hemisphere. New and alternative product styling, packaging and 3-D P.O.S design corporate ID design, audio-visual design/production/staging.
    Exhibition design and construction.

    1981 – 1982 Scotford Mills Durban
    Design Co-ordinator, and Studio Manager for their textile design department.
    introducing the look for their two international brands – Lightning Bolt surfer wear and Munsingwear golfers wear..

    1979 – 1981 FreeLance Operator
    FreeLance graphic design consultancy in Durban.
    Corporate design, shop front/interior design, Project and assistant project management
    up-market fashion labels and restaurant image/menu design, very-large-scale muraling, and special-effect application, fleet marking,
    Award winning custom-airbrush illustration on vehicles and particularly motor cycles
    My own textile printing factory which was bought out by Scotford Mills [Natal].
    A detailed account of responsibilities at these various organisations is available on request.

    Education History

    Diploma M. Des. London RCA 1976>79  – Graphic Design. Industrial Design
    National Trade Certificate for the Printing Industry: NTC I, II and III
    1973 > 1976
    Bracknell. U.K. Technikon Photo-Gravure Engraver. Repro Color Sep. Scanner Operator. All repro to print procedures.
    Matriculated: GCE - 1970
    Prince Edward School Harare. (Formerly Salisbury).
    So long ago… it could hardly matter at this stage of my career.For those who dont know - British General Certificate of Education When there was still education to be had...
    ‘A’ Aggregate: Mathematics, Art, English, Geography.
    1’s for Physics, Chemistry, History

    After High School: 1970 – 1971
    Rhodesia Government – Department of Treasury – Establishments Dept. Employee Payroll Division.

    Military Service: 1972 – 74
    Rhodesian Army. Reaching rank of Army Flight Lieutenant. 3 Air Supply Corps – aka “AirMobil 3”.

    Between 1995 and 2000 I have been involved in a variety of PR and marketing exercises as a free-lance consultant.
    I worked as a Location Scout and Location Manager for various TV production companies engaged in producing TV commercials.

    Simultaneously, I operated as a commodity / service broker – buying and selling anything and everything – ranging from road building equipment and timber, to egg-laying chickens and Customs bonded warehouse consignments
    I ran various promotional projects in the bar / restaurant entertainment / sponsored product arena

    I was principally engaged in the promotion and marketing of the Virtual Turtle I-Café, the Biggest and Fastest I-Café group in Africa at the time]. as well as several entertainment venues.

    At that time I was also responsible for formulating the framework for MINSA South Africa,  a think-tank and facilitation group engaged in focussing international Industrial and Commercial operations on Africa.
    READ: "Why War? Why Not Big Projects?"

    In every organisation I have worked for I have brought a positive, enthusiastic and highly energized creative influence to the process. My off-beat sense of humour and the fact that I just beamed down from the Star Ship Enterprise must be what does it. This is of great help in dealing with people, especially in the sometimes ego-fragile and over-pressurised environment of the creative/ad-industry.

    Skill Set

    • Budget setting and control
    • Project time management.
    • Production Pre-planning, tracking and reporting
    • Familiarity with general accounting practices
    • Client Liaison

    I have built up a very good reputation and a great working relationship with repro and print houses over the years, as well as with individuals in the allied visual arts industry and computer programming environment. So I have a large pool of contacts to draw from.

    I have a very high energy level and direct my skills of people motivation, management discipline and delivery on realistic dead lines. In return I demand a high degree of management integrity, a clear path of intent and a straight forward, non-egotistic, situation-resilient management team. and the urge to pursue profit.

    Can I write English? Serious Corporate Copy Writing

    See: Document Writing  for examples.
    Discover how very large projects can replace war in: Why War? Why Not Big Projects?  originally written for  Now defunct.
    Following its distribution to the Office of The President, all the relevant SA Government Departments, Financial Institutions, Mining and Engineering concerns and all Media distributors in South Africa.
    I was underwhelmed when some core concepts mysteriously turn up in some mangled fashion, in the NEPAD presentation.
    Other recipients include selected foreign Governments, the relevant United Nations organizations and bodies, International Investment Banks and Multi-National Consortiums, as well as targeted-relevant Macro-Engineering / Construction and Development organizations…

    Range of Skills Application::

    GRAPHIC DESIGN– As applied to packaging, corporate identity [+signage and dress code], corporate interiors, product launches [audio-visual and multi-media], exhibition and venue schemes, interactive CD and WebSite design.

    PRODUCT DESIGN– as applied to “solid” consumable products ie bottle styling, soap tablet design, aerosol can volumetrics… packaging mechanics, active point-of-sale devices, display design [incorporating material application, electrical, electronic and mechanical operation, and automated or user-operated systems]. Name your Budget.

    ILLUSTRATION– Any medium – any surface. Fine art on commission. I have exhibited my work both locally and internationally in the past. However Commercial illustration on brief conspired to drive me into the Advertising industry where ones work is on exhibition on a daily basis. A gap in the market in the early 70’s enabled me to be one of the pioneers of air-brush illustration in this country.
    Rendering of commercial signage, store frontages and interiors, large-scale venue marking, vehicle and motor-cycle decoration [fleet and private], was the basis of my FreeLance business.

    SCREEN PRINTING– I opened my own screen printing shop which was eventually bought out by Scotford Mills – Natal, a large textile company, which then employed me to run their design production studio. As Studio Manager.

    PHOTO-GRAVURE– I served my apprentice ship with Nasionale Tydskrifte from 1972. Initially as a B/W re-toucher, before being transferred at my own request to the Camera Dept. As a camera operator I learned all there is to know regarding 4-color separation and color balancing. I was one of the first apprentices to train on and operate the then new computerized Hell color scanner. The first in the country.

    DTP DESIGN– Recognizing the direction of computer aided design in 1979, I was at the front of the queue. I am entirely self taught in electronic media and was responsible for urging and maintaining its implementation in its early days, within all organizations where I have had worked.

    AUDIO VISUAL DESIGN AND STAGING– I was involved quite extensively in the design of both AV production and in the styling and staging of the venue presentation. Clients include Lever Bros. Ford Motors, Yardley, M-Net, Bromor Foods, SA Breweries, KWV, Douglas Green and Stellenbosch Farmers Wineries.

    EXHIBITION  STAGING  – I was engaged to do exhibition design and staging as a freelancer and in companies I worked for over the years. UniLever SA. LightningBolt casual and surf wear, CarSound Station, SolarHeat, Honda Motorcycles, Bakers Biscuits, Kwa-Zulu Provincial Government, Whichway Overland Company. Siyabona Africa.

    Yabadoh gibida: "Nov Schmoz Kapop!"  Elanguli kassi billato Chicano Schrdlu. Axolotl potrzbie - VOOTIE! Yadi yadi blah-blah fish paste.

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