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Free of design Flaws? It's a nice thought!

“Do you like challenges?”. There were “multiple questions” that were raised from a “panel of 3 design heads”.

The above question was contained in a questionnaire for job applicants, applying for a position on Glassdoor.com.

I applied for the position and this was my response to that particular question:
“Do you like wasting time and money? Or are you investing in some serious Research & Development?”

Interpreting the Intent of a Question

All job interview questions have a reason for being asked.
Some questions have concealed reasons. So be careful to read behind the question.

The first challenge is interpreting this vague question.
The red herrings are: “multiple questions” and “3 design heads”.
None of this pertains to the INTENT of this question.

Do you mean "Run through a brick wall?" It depends.

There are realistic design challenges - and then there are non-viable "challenges".

The Simple Death of a Design Concept

Realistically - most design challenges are of the second category.
Some ideas will get shot full of holes by just by writing out the detailed summary of the initial briefing notes.
The concept will die before it even gets on to the design table.

Other ideas fail as soon as one starts working out the cost in an Excel spread-sheet.
Then, there is no reason to even pick up a pencil to commence design sketches.
"Nice idea - but TOO expensive!"

These “challenges” are trick questions to discover how realistic the interviewee is.

Tests are Designed to Make You Fail

I was trained an environment where many tests were designed to make individuals fail.
The object was to weed out everyone who had failed to understand what the mission objective was:
‘How far are you prepared to push the bounds of reality – before you realize that what you are attempting will get you and everyone else killed?’

So: Do you want to look like an idiot for trying?
Or would you rather be clever – and Avoid The Trap?

Trick question = Judgement test = Reality check.

Source: https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/design-director-salary-SRCH_IC2653748_KO0,15.htm?utm_medium=email&utm_source=applystart&utm_campaign=ash&utm_content=ash-researchsalaries-2

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