Science Fiction & Space Illustration. Moreno Franco. Bracknell. U.K.

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The Joker and The Thief. All Along the Watch Tower by Jimi Hendrix

“All Along the Watch Tower” - based on the song by Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
The Joker and The Thief.

I have never been one to paint what exists in this world.
After all, what ever is in this world - is already here!
Why waste my energy on painting what IS!?
There they are: polar bears, wild flowers, land-scapes. . .
BUT! What if I was to just tweak reality a bit a different landscape with a different view?

Based on my adventures through my dreams of other lives.
Telling a story, through paint and brush, of my view of the moments in my life - Photographs of my Memory.

Several of these links lead to a chapter of a story: "The Vasche Vexvelt". Enjoy

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The Red Queen's Knight contemplating the Pyramids and the Moon

The Red Queen's Knight - 1980

Just one lone soldier, The Red Queen's Knight, is dispatched to adjudicate. In one day - what an Army will not achieve in weeks

Blue Spanish Eyes and Starship Nectanebo

Blue Spanish Eyes - 1978

“Say you and your Spanish Eyes will wait for me”
Not too unbelievable - just farout enough to make the future appear as mundane as today.

The Goddess of The Sun - Starship Amaterasu Omikami

The Goddess of The Sun -
天照大御神  - arrives at Sirius VI

Starship "Amaterasu Ōmikami"
The beauty and the terror.
The sublime and the inevitable.
Inspired by Japanese mythology.
Airbrush & acrylic. Personal Collection

Departing for Sirius 6

L.V.242 - Departing for Sirius VI

Landing vessel leaves the "Amaterasu Ōmikami" to land on Sirius VI, in response to a distress beacon.
Pen 'n Ink + airbrush.
Personal Collection

Borbaletta in Her Secret Garden

Fetching Donna Darkwolf on Sirius VI
- 2016

The Dragon arrives to rescue the Lady in distress.
Personal Collection

Fetching Donna Darkwolf on-Sirius VII

Fetching Donna Darkwolf on Sirius VI

Probably the very last painting I will ever do.
Painting for My Donna. July 2016

Arrival of-the Vasche Vexvelt

The Arrival of the Vasche Vexvelt

The first Delegation of the Vexvelt Vasche arrive on the Planet to meet with World Governments.
Elements = Countless
Personal indulgence: From Jimi Hendrix -
"All Along the Watch Tower"
#vaschevexvelt, #vasche, #vexvelt

Street Protest

Arrival of The Red Queen

Unstoppable. The ships of the Vasche Vexvelt make landfall.
The Red Queen's advance troops quickly quell any resistance. In just one day the entire world has been returned to the Dark Ages.
Her age of plunder has begun.

A Lone WOLF Among the Stars

A Lone WOLF Among the Stars

My Escape from The Golden Cage to the tune of The Last Lullaby on the Icarus ONE radio beacon aboard theInter-Planetary Survey Vessel "WOLF", out amongst the trackless stars following a lone signal to who knows where . . .

Starship Roger Young

Starship Rodger Young - 1981

View of the Oikumene Security Vessel "Rodger Young" in parking orbit over Planet Baikon.
Based on a WWII Ballad compased by Frank Loessner and sung by Burl Ives. Dedicated to Infantry Men all over the world

Captain Coconut's Crash Landing

Based on the Jimi Hendrix Song of the same name

How Many Cities Do You Want?

Based on some really great acid.

How Many Cities Do You Want?

Detail of the snubbed Tank Commander

How Many Cities Do You Want?

Detail of the ineffable, ephemeral object of desire


Based on my boy-hood hero

The Arrival

You'll see . . . It happens . . . With no warning

Huntress of a Billion Worlds

Based on some really GOOD marijuana

Future Primitive

Based on Santana's Song of the same name.
Space travellers marrooned on some planet

HIMSELF - Bonnie Sebastian XVII

His Excellency, the Supreme Commander of the Combined Fleet, the Right Murderous Viciousness
- Bonnie Emperor Sebastian XVII.
Based on My Cat