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Accounts I have worked with: As a practitioner of the Visual Arts and Communication, I provide a comprehensive graphic design service to agencies, businesses and private individuals.

Studio Franco Design Berkshire, provides a full range of freelance graphic design services, package design, image retouching and conceptual solutions.

I also provide conceptual graphic design solutions - if you call me early enough - as well as design project tracking and management.

Excellent creative Copy Writing is yours for the asking.

WARNING:  The graphic design content of this site represents a design portfolio of work created for Advertising and Below-the-Line design agencies,
as well as commissions by private companies.
Not Suitable for Persons.

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The Book of the Vasche Vexvelt

Some "interesting" reading matter for your elucidation, entertainment and upliftment. Or your surprise.
A photographic essay. It is a testimonial. A testimonial in the form of a diary.
a diary presented as an exhibition of paintings and textual material. A text that is of a statement, supported by photographic evidence – of all kinds and types. An image library, described as annotations.
Souvenirs extracted from The Journal of the Long-Distance Android.

Creative Writing Services

Everything. Contact me.

Brand Identity Rules the Consumer

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- and the Design process has to be guided by the principles of human desire.
My art and design for for print media: Posters, and Page design for Magazines and Brochures, extends into Digital design where seduction by the printed page, or the Framed Watercolor painting has been superceded and accellerated by engaging Consumer interest with "bread crumbs " that lead to their Ah-Ha moment, and my reason for doing the work that I do.
Web design is more than an electronic form of the print process. It is a seductively immersive fine art of visual engagement and ultimate entrapment of the senses. When done well.

Which is to say, done occassionally. But more often no more inspired than most TV commercials or even some streaming TV series.
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Commercial Break - Buy Hi-Res Digital Prints - or Files of Original Art Works

Buy High Res Digital Prints on line

Studio Franco Design now offers high quality digital reproductions of some of my original paintings and illustrations.
Available in a Limited Numbered Series, these High-res images are available on Hi-quality Innova Canvas, or Innova Paper. Inks guaranteed by manufacturer up to 200 years.
OR - just purchase the Digital File, and print it yourself. Start Here >>

A Bonus Service

In a world of (supposedly) infinite possibilities, Franco Design provides realistically Focused Design Solutions.
I also utilise independent individuals, who provide: Editorial, PHP andMySql programming. Cartooning. Photography and photographic direction.
Okay. That's over. Now for the fun stuff.

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