The Book of Vasche Vexvelt

A Brief Explanation About the Vasche Vexvelt. By Moreno Franco

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Eye of Horus on carved book of Vasche Vexvelt

“Dramatic Beach Tango” – from Donna Darkwolf’s Collection.
The book of the Vasche Vexvelt - with the Eye of Horus carved on it.

You might think the music to be out of place with the image of the secret book and the story's origin.
But, similiar to a tango, some steps will come as a surprise - UNLESS you know how to tango.
All Tangos "go somewhere" - and right now you have no Idea where this story is going.
So follow me. . . cha cha cha!

The Movie of My Life - Starring Me!
We both know that you, The Reader, are, for all your good humour. . . are not given to too much poetry or allegory? Hmm?
Then, consider this a test of your good humour. Why Vasche Vexvelt?
Several years ago, about 1994, I started out writing my “The Mind Reels” as in - the “Mind Reels”.


It was slow going.
Up till now this book has been on WordPress.
I did not want to mix my private life with my work.
BUT! Screw that now.
In the interim - in 2007 I discovered a new life - and went on a wonderous Journey with my ineffable Donna Darkwolf.

A journey that has forever changed my life's direction.
I decided to forget about NOT having my book on my site.
Because I can use it to tout my writing skills, for commercial gain!

Also - what is the point of having my life languish on WordPress?
When it can quite comfortably and cheerfully live here
What a mercenary I am!

About Vasche Vexvelt

The Origin: Bath times, Wash
The Italian for wash la vata
The French for Cow Vache
In India and Japan – If you look at My India Gateway Painting – there are
the Holy Cows crossing that bridge

They wash their holy cows
Buying the Cow = getting married.
Cows are are a form of payment for a bride all over Africa
So from Wash to Vache
Almost like a game of German Accents: “Kann I vash  yurr boddi?”
The “Imaginary German” spelling: “Vasche”

The word just sounds nice: “Vasche”.  But with the proper Mediterranean Latino inflection on the “a”. Soft, inviting, summer breeze on skin.

“Vexvelt” The Origin: Velvet – Like a woman’s skin. I have always thought, ever since my first s ex  ual encounter, f elt  like v  el v  et.
Hence: ve  l v  et. . . s ex . . . f elt . . . = Vexvelt . . . 

Then. In my story, The Vasche  became a hedonistic, pleasure-seeking alien race – originating of course, on the planet Vexvelt.

At the Indian Gate

Look at it. Cows crossing a bridge. Do you even care? Do you even know what you are looking at?
Can you imagine something? Make something up, even? Probably not.
Cows on the right. 'Cows' on the left. There's a CLUE?

Un-Asked Questions Answered - Inspite of You

Mine, immaculate dream
Made breath and skin
I've been waiting for you
Signed with a home tattoo
Happy birthday to you
Was created for you

I have been living on Vexvelt all my life. . .

Well, you will be the only person on the planet that I will trust . . . as you shall read

The “Vexvelt” Story and The “Visions on a Mud Ball” are provided for your Enlightenment, Etertainment and Edification.
At the very least you will know what you are dealing with.

And it does like the word “vex”, suggests in Point 5:

1)  v :subject to prolonged examination, discussion, or deliberation Example: vex the subject of the death penalty

2)  v :disturb the peace of mind of; afflict with mental agitation or distress

3)  v :cause annoyance in; disturb, esp. by minor irritations

4)  v :change the arrangement or position of

5)  v :be a mystery or bewildering to
Example: a vexing problem

Your Life is SO Tedious. THAT'S Why I Left

So you are probably feeling a bit challenged, right now - about where this is all going.
Well - that's okay. It is almost all over now.
Your Holy Cow is on the barbecue right now - and will soon be ready for thr eating. The smell of urning flesh is not THAT challenging.
Unless it is your own.
Because that's what you do - right?
Escape behind that hopeful barricade of pre-fabricated lies about 'god' and the 'devil' and having 'faith.
Because you know you cannot have faith in yourself.

You don't even have the faith to believe in your own value. . .

So why believe me?

Well, you don't have to believe me. Believe your eyes.
After all - I vanished right before them - yet you are still not sure.
The part you believed has been replaced by another part.
And unless you believe that things only have one face to them - the one you can see -
Because you were to lazy, timid or indifferent to look any deeper.

Should you be SURPRISED? When things turn out to be a BIT different from what you imagined you saw on your first pass.

So here is a clue. Just for you -

Is not the music playing, at odds with the message?
What could be the reason?

The Word "VEX" Has Five Different Senses:


emotion:  Cause annoyance in. Disturb, esp. by minor irritations. 2.

emotion:  Disturb the peace of mind of. Afflict with mental agitation or distress. 3.

contact:  Change the arrangement or position of. 4.

communication:  Subject to prolonged examination, discussion, or deliberation. 5.

cognition:  Be a mystery or bewildering to.

And then there is the Roman Legion VEXILLA. That Banner that every legion carried that denoted, what brigade, company legion and squad they formed a part of in the largest army to march the planet at the time.

It was a notice to “friendlies” and a warning to “hostiles”, of what they were prepared to defend, of what violence they were prepared to commit for their families, their country, their Caesar. And above all – For Rome.

The trick here is not to 'not notice'. Take Heed.
Decide whether YOU are the friend - or the foe OF that which you are encountering,
Because that will put you on the right footing for the next part of the engagement.

Be prepared for what you are about to meet.

Donna Darkwolf. Beauty Walks Out of The Ocean

Beauty Walks Out of The Ocean

Donna Darkwolf. She moves with a trail of stars.
And each time she moves - she moves just for me. My dream come true.

Until Donna Darkwolf, writing the Vexvelt had made me Question . . . . .

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