The Book of Vasche Vexvelt

Vasche Vexvelt. How I Fell in Love with Poseidon's Daughter. By Moreno Franco

You Are Here...

Donna in the Sea Dance of The Wind.

“Story Of A Hero" - Khufu's Triumph mix by Franco.
“Kymopoleia - The Daughter of Poseidon”. Inspired by Donna Darkwolf in her Sea Dance of The Wind.
The Genie out of The Bottle.

The mermaid, Kymopoleia, comes ashore at the Temple of Poseidon -
Under a full Moon, she is transformed into a mortal human
Risking her life to be with the one she loves....

The Darkwolf enjoyed playing this loud, on a Sunday morning in our secluded private garden.

She said to me:
"I can imagine being re-incarnated to this music. Full of POWER and MOMENT
At some moment in this life - everything goes black - like getting turned off in the middle of a movie you are watching.
For that is how I imagine Death . . .
Suddenly! A new movie starts . . . but you still remember the one you WERE watching . . .
And you just SETTLE IN to the NEW movie . . . "

Donna had always been enchanted by the romantic/tragedy story, by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, of The Little Mermaid.

Even as a child, Donna had understood the tragedy of a young Mermaid who is willing to give up her life in the Sea as a mermaid, in order to become a human - so that she can have a life with a prince.

This is no Walt Disney fairytale schmaltz.

Donna drew parallels between the Little Mermaid and her own life - and she always saw The Ocean as her "True Home".

PRELUDE: Destiny Whispered to me -

And when Donna arrived by my side,
Destiny whispered to me, her breath in my ear:
“The one you are Seeking - is also Seeking you.
Here is She! This is What You Came For.
The One you dreamed of.
The One you want. And always long for.
She will bless your Life in more ways than you can ever possibly imagine.
Take good care of Your Dream. For Dreams are easily broken".

She rises out of the foam on the waves - and I begin to sing her praise:
Are there not enough words to describe her ineffable beauty?
Is there not enough blood in my heart to ring the bell of heaven?
Enough air in my lungs to rend the stars out of their vault?

For at each turn she fixes me with her stare, steady and piercing.
Demanding, beseeching, begging me not to stop my exultation of her fluid dance of Kali in the flames of her own desire.

My vision is just Her and The Sea.

Donna Darkwolf in the Foam of the Sea

Kymopoleia, The Mermaid out of The Ocean. The Genie out of The Bottle.

As I am taking this photo, I think to myself: "Beauty walks out of The Ocean - And she loves me".

I wish I knew her name. No I DO know her name –
I mean the name she calls herself. THAT name. . .

The one I want to carve on a palm tree some where on this beach of for-ever.

Well not only did I eventually get to carve her name on a tree, at a beach - I got to painting my vision of a Mermaid -
arising from the Ocean.
I found my Kymopoleia.
And I have my Shiny Witchy Wife to thank for the inspiration.

Which reminds me - this story is not too different from the following tale of:
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