The Book of Vasche Vexvelt

Vasche Vexvelt. Djelem Djelem - I Dream of Scheherazade. By Moreno Franco

You Are Here...

The Soldier and The Water Bearer by Moreno Franco

“Đelem, đelem" - 'I Am Travelling' by the Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra. Vocals: Margherita Abita. Opening 'atmospherics' by Franco.
Above: The Viyi - The Soldier and The Water-Bearer. 1977.
A water-colour I did, of a dream I had just awoken from. Some time in 1977 - and the accompanying story I wrote.

I had leapt out of bed. And without bothering to wash my face or brush my hair. Or even make coffee - I rushed to my studio.
To render this while it was still fresh in my Minds Eye. And write this account of my chance encounter with the beautiful Scheherazade, in a busy market place in a distant land, where I was the foreigner

Scheherazade, The Water-Bearer. My Prescient Vision of Donna Darkwolf

I am a soldier in a foreign land.
I am standing in a shaded arch, watching this girl drift gracefully by – she was almost a mirage. I was so lost in reverie…
She notices me – And without breaking her stride – drifts directly toward me.

“I am a Water-Bearer. I carry water for the soldiers. You are Soldier. Will you drink?”,  she asks imperiously.

I am so astonished – I stumbled for words – because she giggled… turning her eyes shyly away.
Embarrassed by my own loss of composure in the presence of her effortless grace – I ask her for her name.

“I am called Scheherazade. Will you drink?”,  said almost girlishly.

“Yes, yes”,  I responded.

She pours out water in her brass cup.
As I drink she says: “I am of the Viyi.  We collect the Fallen from the battle-field.
Perhaps I will chance upon you. What is your name so that I might write it on your marker?”

I told her “My name is Za-Če”.

“Za-Če”,  she repeats.
“Good. I will be sure and remember you. You do not look like the dying type,
But in battle –
There is no certainty until after the battle is over”.

She firmly snatches her brass cup from my hand.

“If I do not find YOU on the battle field – be sure to FIND ME! It will not be difficult!
There is only ONE Scheherazade!”

Having spoken, she turns abruptly on her heel.
I watch the hypnotic sway of her hips – thinking to myself:
“God’s protect me so that I might find out this beautiful Scheherazade again!
Even for just one day.”

The Reason for Including this Story
Elsewhere on this book you will have read how Donna Darkwolf and I met.
She had said: 'Aahh! You found me!'
As if I was expecting to - by some pre-arranged agreement.
My astonished response, when I turned and saw her face was:
"Migod! It's YOU!"
Which set her off into peals of laughter, and was a source of her merriment for years to come...

"I wish you could have seen the LOOK On Your Face!"

Before Donna Darkwolf departed for The Undiscovered Country, she wrote to me:
"Find me on star Sirius! It will not be difficult. There is only ONE Darkwolf!
You are Soldier!
I should not evade your scrutiny!
Get Tiny! Focus!
The WOLF could be right behind you!
And YOU may be In Bocca al Lupo - all over again!

Are you Not LUCKY?!
Every Trainee gets an Angel!
You've got ME!

"Lucky You!
You are Back...
In The Mouth Of The WOLF!

I am still waking up when Scheherazade decides to Rule the World: “I Want to Be the
Empress of the World”

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