Vasche Vexvelt. Living with Magick. By Moreno Franco

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The Stars are Out - Magick with Donna Darkwolf

“Falling Stars” by Oursvince - Piano et Orchestre.
The Stars are Out - Magick with Donna Darkwolf. Spente Le Stelle

I lived with Magick. I awoke with her each day.
Magick followed me all day long
And Magick led me to bed each night
I held Magick all through the night
Finally letting her go with the rising sun
Only to have her return – to follow me all day long

Magick is the
Delicate hinge between
The Impossible and the possible. The transforming agent
That not only gilds daily existence,
But elevates us to another plane of consciousness.

Magick is galvanising attention when you walk into a room
Magick is learning what’s best for you – and letting it show
Magick is smiling a lot and truly feeling your happiness
Magick is suprising yourself with an extravagant emotion – like falling in love
Magick is being naïve about something
Magick is being idealistic about anything
Magick is spending money on flowers when you cannot afford it
Magick is behaving gracefully under pressure
Magick is transferring thoughts into meaningful gestures
Magick is changing your mind when you know some one else is right
Magick is wearing red on a rainy day
Magick is risking all for love
Magick is letting go with extreme grace
Magick is engineering a “chance meeting”
Magick is appreciating a sunset with out mumbling “Cliché”
Magick is being rich and not looking it
Magick is being poor and looking rich
Magick is being confident and looking confident
Magick is doing anything you usually do at night during the day – and vice versa
Magick is giving away something you treasure
Magick is receiving something you relly like
Magick is ignoring reality without being irresponsible
Magick is knowing when to say “goodbye”
Magick is knowing when to say “hello”
Magick is being becomingly modest
Magick is being both ambitious and tender
Magick is understanding that the fleeting moment is all
Magick is being extreme in either direction
Magick is understanding that the fleeting moment is all
Magick is agreeing with Oscar Wilde that one of life’s compensations is yellow satin
Magick is space and time acknowledged by the heart
Magick is the telegram that says “I am sorry”
“Magick always needs to be helped along”.

“Be It!”,
  she whispered.

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