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Donna, Put On That Party Dress. By Moreno Franco

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Donna Darkwolf dressed for lunch at Klein Constantia Wine Estate

"Paint It Black" A medley I created, including excerpts from International Cello Quartet, Sebastian Bohm, Filip Lackovic and The Rolling Stones. .

Donna Darkwolf dressed for Sunday lunch at Klein Constantia Wine Estate.
"First Apperances ALWAYS Count" - she would say. "There is NO second attempt!
Besides . . . If I happen to die, I would like to Look Good!".

Well, there is no arguing with that.

Wardrobe of The Well-Dressed Wiccan Arch-Priestess

And this song? I would watch the Donna Darkwolf dressing. Do up the back of her dress. Watch her do the make-up bit.
This song portrays it all. I mean to say it conveys the excitedness a woman feels when she is dressing to "Go Out!"

OH My My! Oh Hell YES! Donna, put on that Party Dress!

The hair. The flourishes. The perfume. The lipstick.
Until . . . PERFECT!
Only THEN, as we are leaving our house, am I permitted to 'take a photo'.

Women live two kinds of life. The 'at-home' life and the going out life.
At home a woman is generally not that much to look at.
But when she goes out – it is a completely new person . . .

By comparison - 85% of men are too boorish, sloppy, ignorant . . . whatever, to give their woman someone pleasing to look at.

By the grace of me - I have always been a good dresser.
My saving grace!

Donna Darkwolf dressed for dinner at the Lord Milner Hotel

The Donna Darkwolf definitely had an eye for "STYLE". Here she is, dressed for our Honeymoon dinner at the Lord Milner Hotel.
I have never seen the Darkwolf in T-Shirts, Jeans, Slacks or Dresses.
She had her Starry Shirt for cool days. And a few stylish blouses that she wore with her long, flowing dresses
that made her look like a French or Italian noble-woman on holiday.

She may shop for shoes, pajamas and underwear. Never clothes!
That was beneath her.

All Donna's Priestess robes and her formal and informal robes and caftans
were designed by her, and made by her own dress-maker.

All the fabrics were light and filmy - and double-layered. So the robe could "Waft" in the breeze of her motion.

The Donna Darkwolf is just fussy this way! That she Compels Attention. Without knowing it. Natural
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