The Book of Vasche Vexvelt

Vasche Vexvelt. Tale of Camille, The Pretty Witch on A Rainy Day. By Moreno Franco

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Camille, The Pretty Witch on A Rainy Day

"Nos Études Le Grand Cahier: IV." Conducted by Pavel Lyubomudrov w. Metamorphose String Orchestra. Feat. Mikael Samsonov on violin. (2017-10-20)
Camille, The Pretty Witch on A Rainy Day (1977)

She was such a strange girl.
I saw her in the Park - every morning and evening as we went to and from work.
She moved with a self-contained serenity.
Her marble expression conveyed nothing
But her steady and purposeful stride told everything.
That - and her Witches hat.

One day it was raining - and I offered her shelter under my umbrella as we walked.
She inspired this water-color that I painted, way back in 1977.
I never forgot her.

Then - one day, a life time later - I found THE Witch.

Donna Darkwolf on Our Sunny November Sunday Seventh Wedding Anniversary

Donna Darkwolf and Pink Camelias La Strega Donna Darkwolf and Pink Camelias on our 7th anniversary in 2014.

We made it this far. Seven Years.
My Shiny Wife tells me: "I'm mad about you. MWah!"
She drives me crazy. And I drive her mad.
Donna booked us in to the the very last Orchard Cottage at the end of the row.
Number SEVEN!?  on the Boschendal Wine Estate for the week-end.
"As far away as we can get from other visitors!"  - Donna victoriously proclaims.

We had breakfast on the restaurant patio. After a lazy morning, we are now driving the WOLF back to our cottage, taking our picnic basket with us.
We are not going to sit with the hoi-polloi on the lawns.

We will have our "lazy lunch" at a small dam near our cottage. And crank up the music in WOLF, "so that we can dance - if we want",  my Shiny Wife tells me.

Dressed in her Oriental-style robe, Donna Darkwolf once again blew away the other guests at breakfast.
As we were passing the wall of Camelias, I noticed that the pink of the flowers complimented her robe, and I had Donna pause for me. . .
Click! The inevitable photo-op.

As we dance to our Wedding Bossa Nova wafting out from The WOLF, I am reminded of the words from "My Love" by Florence + the Machine.
Our feet dont touch the ground -

"I was always able to write my way out
Song always made sense to me ///

So tell me where to put my love
Do I wait for time to do what it does?
I don't know where to put my love"

Writers: Florence Welch / Dave Bayley

In the meantime - I just won a. . . NEXT >> “Holiday on Fabulous Airto Paradiso!”

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