The Book of Vasche Vexvelt

Vasche Vexvelt. Houses of the Zodiac for Sale. By Moreno Franco

You Are Here...

The Girl in The Hidden Chamber

“La Sandunga” – by the Tempus Quartet.
The Girl in The Hidden Chamber reading the ancient "for Sale" signs.

A list of Book Titles in my home library - makes for interesting reading – WITHOUT reading the actual books

“Other Days, Other Eyes - An An UnComic Book Story”

The Happiest Day of Your Life - to discover
Houses of the Zodiac for Sale that
Lies Beyond This Horizon,
While Tomorrow Lies in Ambush
And this Unfaithful Recording
Of The Long Night of Waiting for
My Appointment on Prila where I will demonstrate
That the The Giaconda Caper was no more than
Whispers in Bedlam, a Science-Fiction Carnival . . .
What Time Do You Call This?

Meanwhile -
The Ship of Strangers lands at The Brink of
The Slow Glass Cosmic Kaleidoscope,
Which provides the requisite Burden of Proof
for Conversion to Guilt.
After all, we played Under Your Window
Just to experience the Ecstasy of Sin
Now the whole place is swamped by developers.
Signs. For Sale. Buy Now.

“Get your own Cottage of Eternity”,
There are still Twenty Houses of the Zodiac for Sale
on the Courageous New Planet
Aliens & Outworlders join
The Cosmic Cocktail Party
Under the Dome of Many-Colored Glass
At The Edge of Time
If you wish to attend,
Just send an Unreasonable Facsimile,

An Element of Chance lies in
Building a Better Mantrap
As it does when
Dark Icarus does “A Little Night Flying”
Above the Human Landscape
. . . And Isles Where Good Men Lie
And ends up instead, In the Hereafter Hilton
But then: That’s the Gambler’s Choice

After the Fall
A Repeat Performance of
The Skirmish on a Summer Morning
Between The Silent Partners
At the Pilot Plant

The Light of Other Days lends truth to your
Invasion of Privacy on Alpha 6
At the Telemart Three
Where we bought the
The Weapons of Isher
All I asked was: “Love Me Tender
Love me true”, although
In the mirror it looks like
Arena: Sports, or even
The Waltz of the Body Snatchers,
The Retroactive medal I gave you,
That Moon Plaque
Gaze at it when you miss your
Bedside Playboy…

Its there to
Tune Every Heart and Every Voice,
And get you some Laughing Space
It is contains Microcosmic Tales of a Dream Fighter
And A Cosmic Kaleidoscope of Frost Animals

Call it: Creative Evolution
The Ultimate Threshold of Everybodyovsky-ism in Cat City.

Oh NO! This list appears to be the Recipe for that >

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La Sandunga - Tempus Quartet

La Sandunga - Tempus Quartet

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