The Book of Vasche Vexvelt

And So It Begins - The Arrival of the Vasche. By Moreno Franco

You Are Here...

People partying as the Aliens Arrive on Earth

“Palladio” – Performed by Camille et Julie Berthollet.
People Partying as the Aliens Arrive on Earth

Saints. prophets, basilicas, men with guns, hookers, hotels, inns, flop houses all aglow with gaudy neon, prayer kites, gongs and wind harps, pretty little prostitutes, varnished grand parents, walled gardens, mystery relations who vanish as suddenly as they appeared, pale feathered aliens astonished on street corners, trains in and out the station every ten minutes, tourista ships in and out the harbor all summer, shops, bars, shanties, slums, people sleeping in the alley at night, migrant drug dealers on the corners who cannot “sopikka da onglese”, trucks, heavy transports, small coupes sportive, a limousine, two of them. Cops with shock staves, theft, rape, abduction, police! Courts, magistrates, deception, lies, investigation, counter-allegations, property, real estate and leases. Pastry vendors on the sidewalks and sun glass vendors on every street corner, And ciggarro vendors. Barrow boys, costermongers. Whoremongers, marijuana-mongers, hawkers of religious curios. Beer that tastes like piss, imported food, lines at check-outs, lines at banks, lines in the traffic, lines of coke on coffee tables, lines of coke across her hard sweet stomach, acres of solar generators, acres of cellulite on the beach, over loaded methane digesters. Bicycles, scooters, rickshaws, more trucks, tourist buses. People shouting during siesta. Crazy women entering without knocking. People, strangers, staring, open mouthed, making noises –

What must one do to get some peace around here?

We all hope and pray for some god

Our primitive brains in our vain, patriarchal societies imagined god to be male.
Which is really a bullshitty notion, considering the machinations and craftiness of the unfair sex. They are “the hand that rocks the cradle – rocks the world.
The other 50% of the population reckon that god must be female.
Also a really bullshitty notion.

By either reckoning if a god created something in its image – It would have to be ONE or the OTHER.
But there are TWO creations! So there must be TWO MISTAKES!

EITHER, we made up the wrong bullshit – OR, we don’t know how to figure out how a single “entity” could have TWO aspects.
Even worse! A combination of BOTH. We concocted the wrong story, AND we cannot explain our concoction.
Humanity’s Very First Cock-Up.

There is a Serpent in the Totem, Scheherazade

Let me give you a clue. Every front has a back. Every side has another side. Every outside contains an inside. Everything that begins ends. Every ending is the birth of a new beginning.

But! Mistakes are different. Some mistakes lead to Correction – in order to avoid another Mistake! Other mistakes are Cock-Ups. Which have only ever led to MORE Cock-Ups.

Why are they different?

Watch this Trick. Hold your breath and don’t blink.

Mistakes happen in the Physical World. The world of Physics, chemistry, mathematics and Time.

Cock-ups happen in our Internal World. Which is a mish-mash agglomeration of:
the perceived external world,
the barely apprehended internal world,
the imagination,
poor concepts
poor education
desired outcomes in the face of harsh reality

And all of this is bound up in clever Semantics, Tautology and Teleology – The basis of All Theology.

What Will We Be Doing – When The ‘Aliens’ Arrive

Look at this world! If Jesus were to appear, and do what he was doing back then – he would be strung up from the nearest lamp post. Noah, and other mythic religious characters would be institutionalised.

All the nutters want to believe in “aliens” – with no decent reason for the hypothesis.

By this I mean, that the lunatic fringe – who are in the main that portion of civilization – prone to making cock-ups, are the most imaginatively vociferous of us.

If you gave them the Drake Equation, they would not try to examine it.

In the same manner that piously religious people do not examine their own religion.
This is called FAITH.


The Drake Equation

Nothing like a cold, hard blow to the Mind to shake out the coziness of Faith.
Here you go! Figure it out in under an hour.
Or die ignorant.
Select One. . .

Aliens ARE The New Faith

Big Projects require Organization. Governments (or something like it), lots of people and lots of money.
And a LONG Time Frame to execute. How do I know. Look around.
Infrastructure. Rail roads. Electrical Grid. Space Travel.

Would another Civilization do big projects any differently?
Not bloody likely. That Civilization would also face public apathy, intransigent politicians and all the usual internal strife.

But we will come into contact with another Civilization.

I call them The Vasche. They will be more technologically advanced than us.
Other than that. Not much different than us.

“Vexvelt” is their common ‘community’. Much as we refer to the human “Race”.
Given our humanity’s history of colonisation – those alien believers had better start worrying.
And so had you.

The Serpent Cannot Be Removed

– but it can be charmed, my young little snake-charmer. . .

It’s all information – What we know. What we are - Cannot be reached by language. Only by symbols.
But it can be manipulated.

Again, only by symbols.

ALEPH. The alphabetic “A”.
The first sound you utter in realization/surprise/recognition – “Ah!’.
The following joy, anger or despair determine HOW it is uttered

“First you have to understand the symbols that underlie the language…”
Life in My Father’s House

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Letter Aleph in a Blazing Light

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