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“Slipping in The Slide Zone” – by Unknown.
The Sudden Realization! Where's the Off-Ramp?

All the Things I Believed Until I was 12! [twelve]

I reject religion
I understand the need for it
But organised religion restricts the mind. Fences in the adventure and kills The Cat.
If Religion were what it originally started out to be – which was a celebration of life.

I would rather be a curious Cat than fenced in like cattle, by religion.
Then again Quantum theory shows that you cannot know whether the cat is alive or dead at the time that you go to examine your results.

Ultimately the cat is always in a certain state of which you cannot be certain.

Which brings me to the concept of the re-incarnation
Or to a state of being which can be described as No-State.
Because we have no words to describe it.
Except that here Zen can show us how to look at it

A state of “No-State”

So I discover to my amazement that state, as in “state-of-a-thing”, depends on the observer and the methodology employed in the observation.
How you see it, is: “What It Is For You!”

Then Zen and Logic are not so far apart. Just energy and matter, or just Time and Space, Art and Science, Good and bad. Quality and Purpose
How You See – “It Is What It Is For You”.
But if you can imagine this – you can do it.
As I Have discovered over and over again. If we ARE CLEVER. Which we have to try to be.
Now Try
Despite all you have learned:

Which reminds me of an Idea For An Epitaph To Go On The Headstone Of The Human Race
When It Finally does the Third World Barbecue: Apart from the fact that we are becoming a Third
World Planet into the Bargain

“We probably could have saved ourselves, But we were too damned lazy to try very hard. . . And too damn cheap”


Anyway, back to what I was talking about Imagine being able to change your point of observation, your point of view, just so that you might see, what you first thought you saw with “new eyes”, from a “new perspective”.

have a problem imagining not being able to do that.

Which brings me to my >>>

“Limits Of Tolerance” – as Regards My Relationships with People

Being so able to love everybody should perhaps also mean, ‘loving is helping’. Maybe the best thing in helping some people is by not dealing with them.
Helping them to realize that one of the consequences of their particular beliefs is to be barred from enjoying a real friendship with me
I have thought about love, and considered that love is a way of understanding ones self and life, and of helping life to grow.

Many of my loves of the moment were what I call “mercy-love”. Beautiful women, sweet young girls. And the Angels of the City. All they want is an affirmation of their desirability – and I have always been more than happy to fulfill my role as the angel of Tender Mercy. And oblige those lonely souls, those lost and beautiful spirits of life’s fire. . .
“you are not alone, and you shall never be lonely. I love you. Here, let me take your jacket. . . I will carry your shoes, esita. . . ””

The mental and emotional strain is only just compensated for by the joy of physical conjugation.
Loving, without complication.

“Freedom. . . freedom. . . freedom. . . remember what you say”

You will find out that an antagonist does not always have to be your enemy. They merely have different needs. Which if you could understand that, you could then understand the antagonist, from whence and to where.
Or the lover. Lovers and antagonists have the same goal.
They want something from you. The strategies and the objective are even similar.

Keeping people on my periphery is not done out of malice, but from my love of life. It is a way to reduce the friction that invariably arises from discordant personalities and ideas.
Which in itself is like a kind of seduction.

I see the world in a certain way and I have a certain history incorporating fragments of theology and philosophy, mythology, science and magic. And viola! I am an art form. A design.

And so are all people. Some of us are just better at it than others. I am better than you at it for example. I found you each time. No matter that you changed your name, your hair, your age, your clothes, the city that you lived in and your circumstances. . .

I am visible. But the content and form are not. Some of it becomes apparent from scrutiny. Some of it evolves into a newer me, and some of it is discarded to be replaced with some thing better. Hopefully

Self–renewal is very difficult. Almost too hard to do. It is a struggle with ones self.
To decide what to keep and what to discard, as a personality evolves. So hard!
As a designer and artist I have always lived with all these images and stories in my head that give rise to ideas.
It is called Inspiration.
What many people do not know about Inspiration is that it is a form of murder.
The final picture that any one eventually sees, is not always the original idea, although the original idea may be incorporated in it. A hundred of my children have died still-born or worse. Screaming!.
Just so that the one that you see can live in the days light.

That’s why we have: The living daylight. . . yes and so I beat the daylights out of some ideas so that others will survive. . . The result is called Art.
I could never only “screw” some women. I fuck passionately only  with Those One’s.
I have ended up with a few screws in my life. When In was hoping for a good fuck. So I do that my perseverance sifted out the gold, from all that sand. More than good fortune has led me to Just Them.
Those Ones.
That One.
That I await as I awaken
It was hard, ball-breaking work. Heart-breaking sometimes. . . But, eventually, I found you. . . Doña Mi!

The Science of Desires

Tried the science of desires?
I have a home between your eyes
where the ocean turns around
in the circle in the sand
in the dream amongst
your sighs. . .

I have to do it, however, because I have seduced myself now. With the evidence I have, of how things work. As in “How Things Work”
This is not a belief.
Nor is it self-delusion, nor an illusion done with smoke and mirrors.

Oh, it can be argued that it is an illusion like all else. But that argument is only valid at a certain level of understanding.

At the next level of understanding all of this existence is an illusion. An illusion of life, which if you remove it, will reveal yet another reality. Of life. [But if it is not your life – whose is it??}

Which is the basis of all Religion – is it not?

What is Most Apparent about Religion is The Degrees of Programmed Idiocy

For most of the people on this planet, religion is nothing more than a substitute for a brain.
A malfunctioning brain.

And the problem is not the people, the believers. It is the structure which is imperfect. The structure of being told what to believe, instead of a structure of excellent choices.

All religions share some common concepts. The best ones. Then they are built upon by layers of stupidity – until the good concept is no longer discernable, knowable or believable. Then there follows all the degrees of stupidity.

Imagine if you had the choice to practice the best concepts of each of these religions, with out having to believe the dogma or the theology that gave them rise.

You would be free. Then we would understand the Science. We would have “God’s” own program

Well I can imagine – and I am free.
Believing in a few good concepts – without believing in GOD in whatever language he/she/it. may be called

Incidentally, if a person actually spent any time in considering why god has always been presented in a masculine form they would be taking the first step to dismantling the myths that surround ordinary injunctions to practice humanity toward ones fellow humans. The myths were created by some frightened old men who wanted to control the “men-who-move-men”.

For example: incest is on the decline since boys discovered motorcycles. Lately, computers. And . . . video and fashion. Together! Drugs! There! A Happy World! At Last!
Who needs to get fucked when you are already fucked?

Christianity and Islam are nothing more than the fore-runners of communism and any other form of mass hypnosis. [Democracy should not be confused with politics as it commonly is – which is a trick of rhetoric and semantics. Democracy is merely a system of self governance, unlike communism, fascism, nazism, nepotism, eglitarianism which are all a form of oligarchy where a select few rule all.]

My mind is never made up, because there is always something else that will come along, that has to be learned, assimilated, and perhaps incorporated or rejected. Hopefully to improve me.

This is what learning is about. Particularly learning about ones own self.
That is why when one stops learning, one stops growing.

That is why one day I came home I told my pretty daughter, Bri Bri and my step daughter, Dominique:

At first glance this statement may seem to be derogatory – as in: What you are now is all you will ever be.
Which is how you interpreted it, and began screaming and shouting – before you understood what was meant – because you never heard the rest of the sentence. . . as usual. Just like you.
So loud and brassy. . . lead with your mouth. . . or your cunt. . .

“You don't know how to ease my pain
You don't know
You don't know how to ease my pain

You don't know what the sound is darlin'

It's the sound of my tears fallin'
Or is it the rain?
You don't know
You don't know how to play the game
You cheat You lie
You make me wanna cry. . . ”

But at the next level when you search, if you search, you will see that right now, all the potential of what you want to be is right there inside of you. Just waiting to be tapped, explored and given life. [and I believe this is what allows me to be at once arrogant and humble]

Now I may be wrong – But Not Always. But perhaps right in terms of the ends I am attempting to achieve. However, in order for me to be successful, I have to have that/those others, on my side, to share the vision of what is up ahead of us.

So as to share the same idea and the task required – which is not always easy. They have to be seduced into believing - with me. You were my Religion. My love for you was my religion. And that became your religion

For example, lets examine a white persons idea and now break it and substitute it with some thing that is closer to the Real Truth. . .

In American Indian life there is the concept of the Great Spirit.
Parenthood and the passing on of Wisdom is a real responsibility.

You will notice that I did not use the terms “folklore” or “myth”

The Great Spirit belongs to all people. It is not something that can be used against you as God, Allah Krishna or The Communist party can be used against you.

That is because the Great Spirit cannot be used to punish. Nor will the Great Spirit punish you. Punishment comes from ones self and from other humans.

Christianity is ruled by the war-god of Moses, the bringer of storms, who is a mean and selfish and vicious deity who will as soon lay waste to its chosen people for not praying to it, as it will lead them against innocents in its Name. Read your Bible.

Islam fares no better with a deity that has reduced women to second class citizens, just above cattle, with a punishment for every act not only against the enemy but also against the worshippers.

Read your Koran. And Hinduism will teach you that Yama who is the vengeful manifestation of Krishna will visit upon you and yours all the suffering in the universe for your transgressions.
Read your Bhagavad-Gita.

Zen, Judaism, Shinto and some other minor religions have no such terror. And because they have no terror they have less of a following. But where they are followed – the religion is about how to live a good and clean life.

Not how to quake in your boots before some manifestation, or live in constant fear of guilt or punishment.

All the Indians fought each other, naturally, for food and land.

But they never believed that their enemies were evil.
Or that they had more right or goodness than their enemies. Nor did they try to cram beliefs down each others throats.
Nor did they slay the women and children of the enemy.

They did finally, and in response to those same outrages [perpetrated by whites] as revenge against the white man, who had had 2000 years of practice. From watching Rome and then the Roman Catholic Church vs The Jews, Church of England and Richard 3 the Lion Heart vs the Arabs, The Vatican and the Conquestadores vs the Maya and Aztecs

The American Indian recognized himself in his enemy. Which is why it was possible that even enemies could be honored at times.

But they were so innocent. They never realized what they were really dealing with. A corrupt and corrupted civilization that has only ever produced corrupt popes, corrupt politicians, corrupt merchants, and finally corrupt children. And so on and so forth. Amen

The American Indian was destroyed by chemical warfare.
The principal agent deployed was alcohol

Now – can you get an Idea of my despondency regarding the entire human race and my occasional revulsion of the society I live in and sometimes find myself partying with?

I dislike them, their intention and all that they stand for. They taint my life. And I do hope for them. Occasionally I hope for their sake that their horrific and vengeful god really does exist, and may yet terminate their lease-hold on this lifetime of theirs. . .

If not Life Goes On. . . La de dah dee deeee. . . . La de dah dee daaaahhhh. . .

Leading us to EXPLORE >

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