The Book of Vasche Vexvelt

Vasche Vexvelt. The Alchemy of Panic. By Moreno Franco

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Sister Moon

Oh, Sister Moon

“ Flowers on The Wall” by The Statler Brothers.

“Sister Moon, will be my guide
My mistress's eyes are nothing like the sun
My hunger for her explains everything I've done
I'd go out of my mind, but for you”.

Sister Moon, You touch yourself and it is dance Without music
Sister Moon, You touch another and it is music Without dance
The Moon may be hidden
But the tides rise and fall any way
Rains fall
Tears fall
In an endless circle
All is water
Enough -
My Sweet Sister Moon!

Things YOU Can Learn by Listening At Dead Phones

There are things that you can learn by listening at dead phones. . . that blow my mind the first night I made love to you with the lights on just to see your face in that tight white dress at the center of the galaxy surrounded by candle light and polished silver sitting next to a cold running stream in the forest in the summer on the hot steel beach picnic with no care for tomorrow always come in your mouth as a means of immaculate conception of the first idea that I had when I saw the way your hands rolled the bread of life and a small wafer under my tongue as a symbol of the flesh of the hostess’s mouth fits mine like my body burns in chains of gold on your tanned throaty groan of uncomfortable pleasure just to have a glass of wine just couldn’t be the calm in the midst of the storm in a tea cup that I broke on the bedroom wall between silence and last Sundays sermon on how we care so little and so careful but we still make mistakes like my one wish that I could go and get us another life without the mistakes that happen to the best thing that we ever had to run with the rest of the crazy women that I wanted to live my life with the cool touch of your hand in this is easy to detect the change of mood just by your eyes except it has to be your voice on the phone every day for a huge bill when a small kiss would have been fine line between love and hate unlike fire and ice which is a state of being like any other except that you live it more clearly you cared for me being there are other ways we could have done this on the bonnet of the car on the freeway into town and had a blast the night we were arrested development is the only excuse for being later than you think I would give you up when all I was trying to hold on to my life of beautiful things to hold and to look at what you have done now or never let you down on your knees bums up for the next frisson on our bed which burned down the night steals in upon us and then steals away to forget the past masters of deception I could tell by your blood stained hands that told me it would be alright in the morning you go looking for the man that stole your water of my life ran out with my dreaming against her back in the still silent night holy night all is calmettes just to get you through the day so running for the shelter of mothers little helper doctor pleeze some more of these outside the door she took four more thru’ the looking glass with alice in want to land on an unexplored planet only to find out it is fukken populated with morons just like the ones I left behind across the border back there over my shoulders ache from digging graves for the unknown soldier on as if nothing could ever happen to us at the barbecues for kids and cleaning swimming pools of blood off the kitchen floor after fucking because it was your time of the month we moved to a new house and you put your foot on the accelerator to live and die behind the wheel turns full circle and you feel as I felt as if there was no tomorrow and if there was just one more chance I would take it with you learned nothing as much as you did to loose my respect as a new thing to your life will turn to dust blows on the winds of time enough to forget forever loving you to the end of my days are bright and the nights are filled with stars of the ages that follow us up –

It Happens - Just Like That!

The Corners Of The Mouth

Why are we here? Why do we dwell on this ball of mud? Many of us have answers to these questions or claim to have…often with words like mirrors which deflect back each speaker to him/her self and often with actions which give an answer we would not wish to speak

Yet what shadowland is this? Do the treasures in your vault differ from those of another? Can those who obey you think other thoughts than yours? Will the facts you have gathered today still be facts tomorrow?

Objects can be moved around
as can people
Like chess pieces on a board
And it matters not to the pawn –
On which square it stands
When it is taken

There is but one thing we bring with us into this world, which will remain forever after we are gone.
This is simply: to love one another and leave behind us when we depart, the warmth of the memory in the hearts of those we have loved.
Even this immortality, though a fantasy of paradise is reason enough for our moments between Limbo and Oblivion and the sacred geometry of chance will yet yield the secrets of the universe

Secrets of The Masked Lady
Ocean of Nights
Spent waiting
One shining moment
I Saw your face
No lifetime long
Could replace
A moment is all it takes
Gently we touch
Under the tears of the stars
Wanting so much
To hold you
I can see, falling thru space
And fear no more
Years I sailed from shore to shore
to be met finally
By this Dark-haired Sorceress In Disguise
Sister Moon

I recall watching you get off the plane, march across the apron, into the arrival lounge. We kissed. We hugged. So happy to see each other after ten years. So happy, in fact, that we had to run to the ladies toilets for a “hello fuck”, instead of waiting for your luggage to arrive.

Tonight I am going with you to dance, the moment is ours and it does not finish
Tonight I am going with you to dream the life I dream in you.
Tonight I am going with you to dance, being with you me makes free
Tonight I am going with you to dream, the love that is ours and does not finish

Unfinished Episode

If only I could deceive you
Forget you again
Every time I tried to leave you
You laughed just the same
But my wheels never touch the road
And the jungle of life unfolds
And returns to my heart
To weigh me down

The night steals upon us
We lie wrapped in our warmth
Pledge our lives to our love
In the face of the storm
But your mind is so far away
Gone out in the rain to play
And my spirit returns to my home
To call me down

And I swear I’ll never leave you
Nor bring you to pain
Every time I tried to please you
You’d start with a game
But my world is calling me
To fly out across the sea
To my love
Who will lay me down

Oh completeness
In the morning
Of the day you came to stay
Far away chiming bells
And a roll in the hay
Bright sun burns across your breasts
Tween your thighs I can never rest
Riding hard to that distant shore
Of the Unremembered Paradise

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