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Vasche Vexvelt. How to BE a Celebrity. By Moreno Franco

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We All Wait for The Train to No Where

“Celebrity” by Unknown.
We All Wait for The Train to No Where.

Like greatness, celebrity is a transitory experience. It is never consistent. It depends on the myth-making imagination of humankind.
The person who experiences the “celebrity-ness” must have a feeling for the myth se is in. Se must reflect what is projected upon hir. And se must have a strong sense of the sardonic.

This is what uncouples hir from belief in hir own pretensions. The sardonic is all that permits hir to move with in hirself.
Without this quality, even occasional celebrity will destroy a person.
Understand too, the meaning of the word “celebrity”. A celebrity is a person who is well known for being well known.
As such I have no doubt in my mind that I am somewhat of a celebrity in many peoples lives.

I am certainly unforgettable.
[I do not blow my own trumpet here, merely relay what I am told, more times than I have been told that I am loved].

I hope that you will now understand what I have always been about.
It has always been necessary that I deal with people in this manner, since so much is expected of me as a matter of course. This happens because, my demeanor, my personality and the level of confidence I have in myself, demands the attention of other people.

This Is Not The Same As “Seeking Attention”

When I said before that we should understand one another, I meant: you should understand me.
I already understand you. Better than you might like. Because I have been trained to do exactly that.

Some people have a problem in dealing with me because of their inability to come to terms with me in regard to myself.
They attempt to deal with me or examine me in the light of others.
Or in the light of their own beliefs. It is at this very point that all understanding fails them.

Could they understand just this one single aspect of their thought process – they might be more able to judge the character of other people. Or even me.

Being a legend was not always financially gainful. But some times it paid off. I/we were adequately compensated. But never saved any of it. Easy come, easy go. Yes?

This is more than a second-approximation answer; it is a straight line computation. Depend on it.

Not satisfied with blaming me for your own intransigence, you will then inform me that I am also to blame for making you into what you are.
You will question me on many things – and I answer them in the sense that I show you how I think, or how my thought process works.

I do not suggest that you adopt my methods.

I Tell You - Be Prepared to Appreciate What You Meet

What I am describing is difficult and that you will have to be hard to deal with the possible consequences of re-defining your own thought patterns.

It is akin to reformatting the hard drive on your computer. Or overwriting files with new updated files
I understand an individual, rather than in reference to other peoples behavior, or actions. That is why I can deal with an individual.

I see the patterns in people. All of us are a pattern. You can plumb us by our language. Or by the precise and delicate delineations for ways to administer treachery and death.

A thing to note about the people that you meet is how they react to yourself.
If you maintain always the same projection of personality, you will notice several basic reaction patterns: any enclosed discipline sets its stamp, its pattern upon its host.

That Pattern Is Susceptible to Analysis And Prediction

Motivational patterns are similar amongst certain types of people. That is to say:: there will be certain types of motivation that are similar despite differing schools of thought or opposed aims.

You will study how to separate this element for your analysis – in the beginning, through interrogation patterns that betray the inner orientation of the person interrogating you; secondly, by close observation of language-thought orientation of those under your analysis.

You will also find it fairly simple to determine what their interests are, regarding you, through both voice inflection and speech pattern.

Customs May Differ, But Meanings Remain the Same. . .

Watch next time when a person shifts a conversation to something seemingly innocent, irrelevant to the conversation underway, and you will observe that whereof I speak.

Watch reaction also when you make a general statement – who leaps to defend or attack.
You will have your revelation out of displaying a general garment, and seeing who claims it to be cut to their own fit.

Listen. By what a person despises, se is truly known.

Mental growth, like physical growth is limited by that necessity which is present in the least amount. And, naturally, the least favorable conditions control the growth rate. Remember too, that growth itself can produce unfavorable conditions unless treated with extreme care.

Examine Your Own Emotional Involvement

Without logic, the natural human is an animal. Your projection of logic on to all affairs is un-natural, but suffered to continue for its usefulness.

Your problem solutions are concepts, that in a very real sense, are projected out side your self to be studied, rolled around and examined.

Any thing outside of yourself, this you can see and apply your logic to. But it’s a human trait that when we encounter personal problems, those things most deeply personal are the most difficult to bring out for us to scan.
We tend to flounder, blaming everything but the actual deep-seated thing that’s really chewing on us.

“Do you wrestle with dreams?
Do you contend with shadows?
Do you move in a kind of sleep?
Time has slipped away
Your life is stolen
You tarried with trifles
Victim of your folly”.

“There should be a science of discontent”.
Life in My fathers House

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