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All Along the Watch Tower. Visions On A Mud Ball - Notes. By Moreno Franco

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The Joker and The Thief. All Along the Watch Tower by Jimi Hendrix

“All Along the Watch Tower” - by Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
The Joker and The Thief.

“I believe in everything. Nothing is sacred”
At this moment I sit on a piece of earth 31*30” south [ I think] which means that I am spinning west to east at a rate of about 860 miles/hr or 18.6km/sec. At the same time, my earth is moving thru its orbit around the sun at 66,661mph or just more than 100,000km/hr.
And my Sun is carrying itself and its attendant planets moves toward the star Vega at about 32 000 mph
While our sun and Vega move around the edge of the galaxy at the blinding speed of 750,000 mph while the galaxy itself rotates at the sedate speed of 559,350 mph.

And as if that is not enough, our galaxy moves in relation to other galaxies as they rush thru the
Universe at the speed of light - 300 000k per sec {186 000mps} So when I sit here absolutely still – I am moving in 6 wildly disparate directions at an accumulated speed of perhaps 2.5million miles per hour – almost 4 million kilometers per second.

I can never be motionless. I am always travelling at speeds which are incomprehensible – Let me make you an offer you cannot understand. AND it its all happening in RealTime.
And perhaps the Universe is hurtling toward some undefined destination, perhaps to clear Space for a better Universe, which will supplant us – while we rush off to some new adventure. . . .

And yet for millions of years our of existence, that’s the best we could do. It got us this far.
And that is not trivial. Wisdom takes time. For our journey inch by inch, recorded for us . . . is the most important. The closest celestial body is Luna. The Moon. Diana. Demeter. The chief exports of this celestial body are the human female menstrual cycle, lunacy, the urge to visit far-a-way places and reasons for poetry about falling in love. And reasons for falling in the love:

Words from a song by Sting, captures the atmosphere. . .
“My Sister Moon you are my guide
In you blue shadows I would hide
All good people asleep tonight
I am all by myself in your silver light
I would gaze at your face the whole night thru
I go out of my mind, but for you

"My Mistresses eyes are brighter than the sun
My hunger for her explains everything I have done
Lest we forget how fragile we are
Like all before us born beneath an angry sky
I will be true to no other but you till I die
Sister Moon”. . . .

The heat and the sensuality of having you so close
Your breasts with a sheen of salty sweat
Like two scoops of ice cream, lifted high and hard in those
Twin cups of heaven

And as I knew you then, my Mistress
I will know you to the last of my days as the finest
Of all Souls. . . . . .
That I had the privilege to love the sister of my spirit

And even if only for this one life time, You took my breath away, Doña Corazon.

We Exist in Two Worlds, The Inner and the Outer

The inner world is that of mind and spirit. The outer world is that of external reality. All conflicts are between the inner and the outer world. Yet all we know of the outer world are mere impressions of the existence received by the inner.
Are these conflicts real? Or are they phantoms of our quarrelsome minds.
If they are, how can we know this? If they are not – how can we know this?

The search for truth is the search for consistency. to identify form and content in the two worlds.

Only that which exists in both worlds
In the inner and outer world
Of all the people every where /
Can be said to partake of reality

Inner Truth

When it is all that, only -
Is the truth if the spirit
Can be as real as iron or fire -
In the inner world
Its effect can be as definite /
And that it does not partake of reality
Does not diminish it

The actions we practice
On the external world /
The world of stone and wood
Or flower
Matter little
These actions may be illusion
And they may not –
But even the reality of their effects
Will fade with the passage of time
The actions we practice
[on the internal world]
On each other, are –
Of a different order altogether.

For though we may never
Know that we have changed
We can alter another’s
View of it
For better or worse

In either case
In altering an individuals view
We have altered the individual
And to the degree that
They are
Changed by that contact

We are responsible for them

Not to accept responsibility, is to be more a thief of life, than a murderer.

PROGRAMMING/ enter ‘My World Started’

When I was seven and my father showed me how to draw a piece of rope in 3 dimensions – with a pencil and paper and simple shading. In 30 seconds he made me in to an artist. I watched a piece of rope made real on a piece of flat paper. With volume and depth and light and shadow. . .

The world expanded backwards when I stole a huge book from the City Library that related the genesis of dinosaurs. And they were successful for 165m yrs which is a bit more than the silly 40 000 yrs that we have managed in our struggle to gain steward-ship of this ball of rock.

The world filled in when I discovered how Latin and Greek were the root of all the language that we speak today – despite how the Roman Catholic so called “church” sought to censor and enslave our thinking and manipulate The Men Who Move Men, and subvert a silly political insurrection to the point where today it is the basis for a religion of 1/3 of the planets population.

The world became real when I was undressing you, touched your skin, held you close enough to hear your breath.

Then! Then it was the real world.

God Jokes. . . . . .
If a being that practices gluttony, is a Glutton: Then God is an Iron.
For It practices the Divine Irony

For who else could we have conned them into believing that he could be in charge of this tide of glacial flesh spreading over the planet. It fucks, and doubles in size every 20 years.

The most Lethal, Cunning and Vicious life form on the planet, if not the galaxy. I love to make love. I love women more than anything else on the planet.

But the Joke Is – they cannot nourish my body, nor keep my mind for long. Nor I theirs. It is impossible. We have to eat food for that. And have more than screwing the same person into Eternity.
One needs More Stimulus. More than in this Garden where we have been poor stewards of the land, at the very best.
Realising this, I set out on a journey of self-imposed exile. When I was very young

The world became magical when I discovered whales.

The world became full of color when I discovered girls and women thru one of you sisters of my spirit. . .

The world became a small place when I discovered science-fiction and realized how an idle thought becomes a technological fact
The world became a playground when I discovered StarTrek and that there were others out there who were working engineers and scientists.
I wanted to be like Mr. Spock

To be curious and to find answers.
Later I discovered that I was already like that - and that Mr. Spock just made it alright to be like that.

He was my example. if you wish
But the other side of my life that was composed of flesh and blood

The Man With No Name – Clint Eastwood – and what an icon he has become since the days of Rowdy Yates in Raw Hide

It was my adventure
Which was fun
But I returned to Mr. Spock
Until James Bond
Which was a game in comparisons to “ How would Spock deal with this situation?”

I tried it
Have no emotion
Think Only
Apply Logic
And all will be transparent
I Acted It
I did It
I thought It
I became It

This was the long hard haul out of the abyss.
The Meaning of Meaning
All the mathematics of the world that was drummed into me by my father
All the love that my mother taught us children in The House of Dreams Done By as you Did

Suddenly, the Universe and the World fell together

Time and Space led to Matter and Energy
Matter and Energy led to particle physics and ultimately to quantum mechanics.

From Quantum Mechanics to Religion and from Religion to Zen

And you have to remember that “religion” is derived from the latin “Religio” which only means a Discipline of Thought.
And you and your friends thought that religion was about Jesus X Christ which was a Greek invention about 150 years after the demise of that shoddy little political upstart out of Judea, that required the might of Titus Flavius Vespasian , [the Governor of Caesarea and the Pro-Consul and Regimental Pilates Pontius de Milaca [of Judea], the Roman military Governor Procurator, of the Imperial Province of Judea, to nail to a tree, a silly piece of shit. . .
Como merde foders tu fudide

Which was then the source of the Roman Tribunals own Imagination to manipulate the events into a book which was to take root in the human psyche for the next 1885 years.

FUKKEM BIG TIME- all the way to the wink, wink. . . bank. Wank. Wank.

A Roman military governor, or procurator, of the imperial province of Judea from 26 to 36 AD. The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus portrayed him as a harsh administrator who failed to understand the religious convictions and national pride of the Jews. The Pilate at the time, Pontius, is known mainly for his connection with the trial and execution of Jesus Christ; his culpability has been the subject of debate ever since.

The governor of Judea had complete judicial authority over all who were not Roman citizens, but many cases, particularly those relating to religious matters, were decided by the Sanhedrin, the Jewish supreme council and tribunal. According to the Gospel accounts, after the Sanhedrin found Jesus guilty of blasphemy, it committed him to the Roman court, having itself no power to pronounce the death sentence. Pontius de Milaca refused to approve the judgment without investigation; the Jewish priests then made other charges against Jesus, and the governor had a private interview with him.

Pontius appears to have been impressed with the dignity and with the frankness of Jesus' answers to his questions and to have tried to save him (see John 18:38-39, 19:12-15). Nevertheless, fear of an uprising in Jerusalem forced Pontius to accede to the demand of the populace, and Jesus was executed. The Pilate was recalled to Rome in 36. According to the theologian and church historian Eusebius of Caesarea, he later committed suicide. Pontius is revered as a martyr by the Coptic church, which celebrates his feast day on June 25.

Which caused me to WRITE . . . .

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