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Red Scarf in the Breeze

Red Scarf in the Breeze

Commercially Commissioned Art for Magazine Articles and Advertising

Air-brush Illustrations created from briefs by various magazine writers as the hero image for magazine articles they were writing.
This is just a sample of what I produced for magazines.

The pop-up images have been deliberately "degraded" to sabotage the attempts of 'art thieves'.

Images with a red border are available for purchase as Hi-Res Digital Prints on:
OR: Contact me directly.

Motorcycle magazine Ad

Motorcycle Dealership

Magnum Force Motorcycles used my 8 x 4 ft wall mural for a motorcycle magazine Ad

Article. Social Commentary


Article. Social Commentary
Adapted and colorized from B/W photo.

Women's Summer Health Ad

Red Scarf

Art for Women's Summer Health Ad

Women exploring spirituality

The Witch In The Book

Article. Women exploring spirituality

Article on city night-life


Article on city night-life

Motorcycle magazine Ad

T-T-T-T-Touch This!

Article on sexuality at the beach

Dripping Yellow Umbrella

Dripping Yellow Umbrella

Magazine Article.

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