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Oxala  (Pr: "O - Sha - La") 1.6m x 1.2m

Fine Art sold by displaying them, hanging up in Cafés or Restaurants

I had many friends with restaurants who allowed me to hang my paintings up, on exhibition - with an obvious "For Sale" price tag.
This resulted in restaurant or pub visitors being able to purchase the art on impulse.

The pop-up images have been deliberately "degraded" to sabotage the attempts of 'art thieves'.

Images with a red border are available for purchase as Hi-Res Digital Prints on:

OR: Contact me directly.

Bitches Crystal

Bitches Crystal

Inspired by Emerson, Lake & Palmer's song of the same name

The Lady In Black

The Lady In Black

Inspired by Uriah Heep's song of the same name.
Read the story here.


Heather at Bus Stop

Girlfriend Heather on a Sunday morn at the bus stop. I enlarged this photo to paint and airbrush over it.

Dune Runner

The Red Queen's Knight - Assassination at Brocket Hall

Entitled "Dune Runner" - this is part of a series of illustrations for a story I was writing about being in The Red Queen's Race.

My Flamenco Dancer on The Beach

My Flamenco Dancer

My wild love is crazy -
Read the story . . .

Drawing Card Lucky Thirteen

Drawing Card Lucky 13

Just before I shot the Sheriff
Adapted from a work by Caleb Kuhl

Malice In Blunderland

Malice In Blunderland

You can never know what to expect from the lady

Casa da Sueñas

Camille - The Pretty Witch
on A Rainy Day

She moves with a self-contained serenity.

The Seadrill West Atlas Rig Fire

Fire in Paradise - 2009

Seadrill's "West Atlas" jackup oil rig in the Timor Sea between Australia and Indonesia



The Sea and You

O-Mare-E-Tu Detail

'O-Mare-E-Tu Detail

The girl is life-size



If the Pyramids had been built in The Amazon.

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