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Bakers Biscuits - Family Christmas Gift Pack (Air-brush Illustration)

Typography Design... Spell it Out and Capture Their Attention

Being a freelance graphic designer exposes one to a huge variety of client requests. Each one a challenge to be overcome. With Style.

There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet. Coca Cola uses just five of them. A logo made out of a few letters.
IBM did it with just three letters, and Virgin Airlines with only six.

Design effort must go into the typography. Logotype is the “word” part of any identity or marquee that can be viewed without a graphic symbol, and still be recognised. Sometimes - without even having to be "read".

In the typography illustration at left, this logo-type bears no resemblance to the Company Logo - which already elsewhere on the packaging.

The typographic treatment is designed to provoke an emotional response

Typography conveys a sense of presence.

Typography Design Gallery

Covering a wide variety of product manufacturers and service providers.
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Cruzcampo Beer Promo

Promotional work for prizes and event give-aways celebrating 100 years of Cruzcampo Beer.
Cruzcampo Brewery. Spain

Up-market Apparel

Clothing label and shop signage.

Sofia's Pizzeria

Logo for restaurant signage, menu and other collateraL.
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Sofia's Pizzeria Menu

Sofia's Pizzeria
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Supreme Irony

Taking the adage to its final conclusion

Typography for Yacht

You can read about it in the section - "Concept Design".

Kalahari Boma Eatery

Traditional Kalahari-style cuisine, right in the heart of Stellenbosch winelands
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Bespoke Lingerie

Custom Couture
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

T-Shirt Logo

T-Shirt Statement

Says It All
Indulging my cynical, sardonic self.

Typography with Major Currencies

Adapted from the poem: "Taffy was a Welshman" - from Nancy Cock's 'Pretty Song Book', printed in London circa 1780.
Private Project

Spiritual Message

Lead editorial image for a Magazine Article.
Berkshire. U.K.

Recording Studio

Renting out the use of recording booths, recording equipment, mixing desks and post-production. Providing sound equipment for events
Metal Blade. Cape Town. South Africa

Vasche Vexvelt Logo

The Epic Voyage of The Vasche Vexvelt

Cover for my forthcoming Book.
Moreno Franco. Cape Town. South Africa

Visit This is too colossal to explain here Cape Town. South Africa

I'm In Love With My Car

Based on a song of the same name by Queen.
Personal Project. Cape Town. South Africa

I & J Frozen Pizza

Four slices of frozen pizza in a novel package.
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Young Presidents
Berkshire. U.K. Guide

Conference day-by-day event and tour schedule
Young & Rubicam. Cape Town. South Africa

Young Presidents
Special Event Menu

Special set menues of the conference hotel
Young & Rubicam. Cape Town. South Africa

Young Presidents Int'l

YPO, an American-based worldwide community of chief executives, held their annual global conference in Cape Town. South Africa. 1987.
Young & Rubicam. Cape Town. South Africa

Young Presidents
Finale Banquet Menu

Held at one of Cape Town. South Africa's premier wine estates on the last evening
Young & Rubicam. Cape Town. South Africa

African Safari Operator

Y-Africa operating luxury safaris in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar - and Seychelles
Y-Africa Safaris. Johannesburg

Think Africa

Multi-media studio initiated by Siyabona Africa to producing presentations for its service providers
Siyabona Africa. Cape Town. South Africa

Saturday Night Special

For a monthly event evening at a vey chic night club.
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Fumble Mumble Bumble & Snake

Sending up the reprehensible art of mis-representative advertising.

Royal Oceanic - Dubai

Property Marketing Brochure offering luxury condominiums in Qatar. Targeting wealthy buyers.
Freelanced. Electric Orange for Star Group Global and AMLAK

Deeply & Madly

T-Shirt & Shop Signage. Brand promotion for a new apparel shop - delivering an inspirational message.

I & J Foods

Branding for their then new frozen Stir-Fry range
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Anniversary Promo

Ninety years of making kids happy with tartrazine-free orange juice concentrate - by Tiger Brands
Young & Rubicam. Cape Town. South Africa

Cape News Papers

Sub-brand of Argus News Group.
For neighborhood news
Bates Worlwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Bespoke Car Dealership

Pre-Owned Mercedes Benz dealership specializing in the rarer more classic Mercedes vehicles, targeting car collectors
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Aviation Tourism Logo

Air Tourism Operator

Aviation tourism company offering luxury flights in vintage DC-3 Aircraft
Freelance. USA.

Overland Travel Co

Whichway Overland offers back-packers an African experience. 19 - 25 day journeys from Cape Town. South Africa, thru' Namibia & Botswana to Victoria Falls & Zambia
Whichway Travel. Cape Town. South Africa

Sports Wear

Inox was a small factory manufacturing and distributing sports wear for cyclists & climbers.
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Sandton Square Brand

Now, Nelson Mandela Square. Johannesburg. For public branding. Corporate stationery, Signage, brochures, promo posters,
mail-shots, etc.
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Karella Bespoke Life

Maufacturers of custom bespoke furnishings for the rich and famous. Promising absolute style and quality
Karella Manufacturers. Cape Town. South Africa

Community Bank

Custom Lettering. Corp & Signage.
Banking and financial services geared to the needs of town-ship residents and rural communities
Bates Worlwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Life-style Products

Body-care products for the Active.
Berkshire. U.K.

Dessol Technologies

A marketing and advertising firm that offers web design, SEO, hosting, domains and support services.
Suffolk, United Kingdom

A Franco Family Joke

If there ARE left overs? Either the food was NOT great. Or. Better still, you over-catered.


Olympic Footware is part of the Jordan Group
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Kruger Safari Operator

Flying Lions operates in Kruger Park, offering an up-market gamelodge and safari experience.
Siyabona Africa. Cape Town. South Africa

Signage Design

Horticultural Nursery

Small business logo for signage, labels and business stationery
Private company. Johannesburg

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