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Your Logo, or Brand, is a Visual Symbol that Represents your Business and Brand.
It is Not Here to Explain

My best advice is first choice: before you brief myself - or any freelance graphic designer -
Do have some idea of what symbolises that which your company offers / does / means to you, your employees, your customers
Briefing a design studio with: "I need a logo for my business" will invite heart-ache, frustration, anger, resentment and ultimately give rise to the urge to commit murder.

Second choice: Unless you have the patience and the money to invest in the time required to explore possibilities . . . be advised that you could be wasting your "precious money and time".

Logo Design and Branding for Companies, Services and Products

Covering a wide variety of product manufacturers and service providers.
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A Logo is a nice, pretty picture - to stick up somewhere.
Branding is a contract that you enter into. For many manufacturers and producers - a truth that they wake up to, too late.
Branding is more than a Logo. Branding is a promise. It has to be consistent.
Across Time. Not just across your product range.
That is why the Branding Excercise is not cheap.

Company Identity and Branding

The ever-pervasive Corporate Visual Identity.
Carrying your company name into a space inside someones head. There to remain through good service, or bad. Think.

Intangibles - Services and Offerings

It doesn't arrive in a package. It is presented in an Advert or displayed on the side of a bus.
Perhaps it incentivises you by e-mail, or sells you car insurance on Social Media.

Clothing. Fashion. Footwear

From the sign in your window to the label on the clothes you produce, to the design of the box, and onto the shopping bag on the way out.
I provide a complete branding excercise.

Food & Drink and Travel Brands

Yes. You have to try that. You have to go there.
And the Brand has to to do all the work after your product leaves the factory, or your customer gets of a jet in some country.
Eat and drink! Tomorrow - we Travel!

Personal Care Product Branding

One pack of "Stuff" is as good as another - Yes?
I don't know. But I will - after trying it.
And then I will remember to buy / not buy it again.
Based on that image of the "What-Ever-It-Is".
Can't remember the name.
But I do remember the image.

From Concept to Flight

Much as we can wish - not all Ideas make it.
Some of them blow up on the Launch Pad.
The trick is to learn that there is no 'failure'.
There are 'experiments' which lead to success.
'Failure' happens when you give up - without exploring the possibilities.

What is Branding? Why is it Different from Logo?

Forty years of experience as a freelance graphic designer has taught me that Logos are merely symbols used to communicate ideas, and the best are universal across all languages. And very rare.
Whereas in our primitive past there were just a few "things" to symbolize, we now have hundreds of thousands of service companies - each trying to be "unique".

"Branding" originates from the Wild West and continues today. A method whereby ranchers can mark their cattle in order to identify their cattle if they get stolen by cattle rustlers.

"Brand" is the original Dutch word for "fire" or "burn".

Your Name or Logo "burned" into the mind of the Consumer is the First Prize.

The meaning of cattle branding

Before Contacting Me - See if You Can Beat Any of These Briefs.

These are ACTUAL design briefs.
You CANNOT make this shit up!
ITALICS are my surprise!

make a new logo
We like the one below from another company (Just Steal It?)
Logo Text
h.feitsma farms ltd.

Porkbelly Studios Logo – (A slab of pig meat will do it? )
We need a logo design for a new recording studio in Honolulu Hawaii.
(This Really Helps)

Broome air boat's – And this is going where?
Cartoon picture of a angry crocodile driving an air boat with a staircase to the moon in the
background or side?

Home builder logo needed for new company (You want these people to build for you?)
Hi there. We are looking to have a logo designed for a new residential home building company
based in Edmonton Alberta. No design criteria so feel free to use your imagination. Thank you.

Need logo for criminal defense firm (Can’t spell “defence”, is a sure confidence builder?)
Something that will show well in Koozies, t-shirts and marketing materials.
Target Market(s)
People who have been arrested by the police (What??? Who is going to wear this?)

(AAhh! Promotion BEFORE the crime has been committed! That makes the crime PRE-MEDITATED? Yes?)
Industry/Entity Type
Criminal defense Attorney

Logo Design Brief – (As if Idaho plays a part in the actual skin treatment)
Need a logo design for dermatology medical practice. Would like some examples with the state of idaho in the logo. Appreciate one’s without as well?
Logo Text
Idaho Dermatology Mohs Collective

Logo Design Brief – (Wow! Gas welding AND carbonated drinks?)
Family owned welding supply/CO2 company in Tampa FL area in business since 1993. We sell welding supplies, industrial gases and a large amount of CO2 for beverage carbonation. Design could have aspects of sunny Florida and welding gas/supplies and beverage carbonation incorporated?
Color/colors up to designer but should represent a Florida color scheme

Faith Based Regenerative Agriculture Homestead looking for logo. (Farmers that Pray?)
Looking for a logo for our new homestead business. We specialize in pasture raised eggs and grass fed beef. We use only regenerative agriculture based practices to be stewards of the land and provide a great environment to raise our family. Named 4 Eleven Homestead after bible verse 1
Thessalonians 4:11 " (THIS REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE to the product?)   and to make it your ambition to lead a... Large focus on supporting local community and loving your neighbor.

Logo Design Brief. (A New take on “Family Jewels”?)
logo design for a new fine jewelry retail business called Famille, ... design should communicate family and sophistication? (Yes! When I buy jewellery – I think of my family? REALLY?)

Logo Design Brief – (Yes- A pair of fugitive criminals on the run who got shot dead - is a great idea).
A Logo for, An upscale Restaurant Lounge. A Chic Nightlife type of place. Cocktails, Bottles,
Wine, Beer & Small Plates.
Bonnie & Clyde's Lounge

Logo Design Brief. (Prayer for professional looking Cartoon Coloured Logo?)
I need a logo design for a company selling silicone phone chargers. I would like the design to be professional and nothing too crazy because I need the logo to fit on my products.
I want my logo to pop and stand out with bright colors but still look professional.

Logo Design Brief
I need a logo that can go on my RTG products, t shirts , cpas etc (What is RTG?) it needs to be able to be on any item we produce and represent the essence of the tea shop (there’s a tea shop?) the colors of the tea house are purple (rich), fascia, (meaning fuchsia?) and marjorelle blue the globe (What globe?)should be in this (singular)colors (plural)
Logo Text if possible- VIP tea (What?? The logo has WORDS in it?)

Logo Design Brief – (A Lawyer with NO Idea? Oops!)
I am looking to create a new law firm logo (preferably black and gold color combinations) for "Embee Law." I am strongly considering using letters M and B for the logo with the full name ("Embee Law") next to it or underneath, but open to ideas. Logo Text
(May Be?)

Web Design Brief (Magic Needed to get 40+ page website into 3 pages?)
Improve the design of our website.
Looking for a talented graphic designers to redesign the current website for our client. Needs to be modern, mobile friendly with colorful banners.
(Clue: They cannot re-design their own previous design work for THEIR OWN Client)
You can find a current design here:
(Site looks good – NO explanation of WHY a re-design is needed. Get the current designer to re-design?)
Number of Pages Required
3 page (REALLY?)

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