Beautiful Women Air-Brush Illustration. Bracknell. U.K.

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Hearts Empire

Hearts Empire. Personal Collection.38 x 40cm.

“Music to Watch Girls By” - by Gordon Langford and his Orchestra. 1970

Beautiful Women Commissioned by Private Individuals for Home Decor

An artist can fabricate, manipulate and even cheat a little with the content of a painting. Tweak the perspective. Fore-shorten the horizon. . .
Maybe even play around somewhat with proportion.

But the one thing that cannot be cheated is the human anatomy. SUDDENLY, EVERYONE IS AN "EXPERT!".
And you definitely CANNOT cheat with the female form.
On this subject EVERYONE is a CRITIC.

To overcome this 'issue' - I went bold and just puhed the boundarys. Enough to create anough startlement at the presentations setting, as to create acceptance for the lady being presented presented.

The pop-up images have been deliberately "degraded" to sabotage the attempts of 'art thieves'.

Spente le Stelle with Donna Darkwolf

'Spente le Stelle' with Donna Darkwolf

"The Stars are Out" by Emma Shapplin.
My Life living with Magick. . .
Airbrush & painting worked over enlarged photo.
For Donna Darkwolf's up-coming book

Barbarella Peligrosa in Red

My Barbarella Peligrosa in Red

Painting, Pen 'n Ink & airbrush. My good Wife takes shots at the artist while I capture her wild, crazy, beautiful spirit. (And she sips her red wine.
"La Peligrosa" means 'The Dangerous'.
Personal Collection

Octavia Orange Tequila Poster

Octavia Orange Tequila Poster

Painting, Pen 'n Ink & airbrush. For Mmy good Love at the time. Artwork for a poster, party invitations and bottle labels for her birthday celebration .
Private Commission

Could Be One or The Other

Could Be One or The Other

Wife Barbarella at the beach.
Paint + airbrush.
Private Commission

The Daughter of God?

Had there been a woman crucified - how the world would have turned out better


Lost her panties

Bellissima Poster

For womens clothing boutique.


For Pizzazz women's Shoe Boutique

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