Privately Commissioned Air-Brush Illustration. Bracknell. U.K.

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Ecstasy at Rest

Ecstasy at Rest

Art Works Commissioned by Private Individuals for Home Decor

People have the weirdest requests . . .
Individuals have their own quirks about what constitutes "Art". I am ex-military and have the mind of a free-booting mercenary.
I will produce anything they want to pay for. Mercenary that I am.

The pop-up images have been deliberately "degraded" to sabotage the attempts of 'art thieves'.

What My Doctor Requested

To hang in his garage where he parks his Lamborghini Jalpa. There is NO wall between the garage and the lounge

To Lamborghini Showroom

I sold a print of this picture to the Lamborghini showroom in Johannesburg.
The dealership owner was a friend of my doctor

Saturday Afternoon

My doctor again . . .

Marylin is Popular

Had six clients give me a photo, and ask me to create a painting from it

The Daughter of God?

Had there been a woman crucified - how the world have turned out for the better

View of My Terrace

From a photo of my wife tanning on our terrace

Pub Decor

Based on the front cover of Playboy Magazine's July 1973 publication

Patio Pub Decor

For my Doctor - again. For his bar

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