Self-Promotion Air-Brush Illustration. Bracknell. U.K.

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Mazda RX 7

Really Personalised Number Plate. Mazda RX-7
After buying one - I had to do a painting of it. Registration: MA 777 FU.

Original Art Works I Keep Handy for Client Presentation

I have to keep these in a ready-to-go Portfolio Case . . .

The pop-up images have been deliberately "degraded" to sabotage the attempts of 'art thieves'.

Images with a red border are available for purchase as Hi-Res Digital Prints on:

Hangar 18

World domination by secret agenda. . .

Stars like Dust

Stars like Dust - 1995

Psyche and the Rōnin android. A chance meeting on a mountain top. From my:
"Journal of The Long-Distance Android"

Whiskey in Free-Fall

World domination in a glass. . .

Hearts Empire

World domination by phone. . .

Bionic Joint

World domination thru' technology. . .

La Diabola del Dormas

The She-Devil in my sleep. . .

Barbarella's Behind

My wifes World domination in black leather. . .

Painted Lady

Doesn't really count, I know. But what the hell.
It still is a nice photo of body painting

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