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Your business signage design extends into product packaging, posters, point-of-sale and labelling

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When considering your company Branding - thought must be given to extension of the Branding to fleet markings, packaging and company stationery.

No matter where you are in the world, my freelance Cape Town. South Africa graphic design service will help you to get your business "out there".

Logo Design for Restaurants and Food & Drink Advertising and Packaging

Your business logo on Everything. If there is a surface - there is an opportunity
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Sofia's Pizzeria

Sofia's Pizzeria

Restaurant logo for signage and menu and other collateraL.
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Wine Label Range for Kalahari Boma Restaurant

Branded House Wine Label

Typography. Wine Label Range.
Client: Kalahari Boma. Stellenbosch

New York Pizza restaurant Logo

Pizza-to-Go Logo

New York Pizza restaurant
Coopertown. New York

Cruzcampo Beer Promo

Promotional work for prizes and event give-aways celebrating 100 years of Cruzcampo Beer.
Cruzcampo Brewery. Spain

Pub Signage Logo

Pub Logo and Signage

A whiskey and Bourbon only bar.
Freelance. USA.

Frozen Foods Packaging Logo

I & J Foods

Branding for their then new frozen Stir-Fry range
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Kalahari Boma Restaurant Logo

Kalahari Boma Restaurant

Branding for signage, menus, etc.
Client: Kalahari Boma. Stellenbosch

Unusual Frozen Pizza Pack

Branding for frozen Piza range.
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Packaging Logo Design

HOT Packaging Logo Design

Chilli sauce bottle with WARNING!
Freelance. Cape Town. South Africa

Packaging Logo Design

There's An Angel in My Beer

Wood-cut style illustration for for a craft been package design
Koln Beer. Cape Town. South Africa

Cryocakes Logo

Frozen Ice Cream Cakes

Fancy frozen confectionery
Los Angeles. U.S.A.

Logo Design for Tour & Travel Companies

Ranging from luxury tour and travel companies to budget safari operators
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Company Logo

Luxury Tour Operator

Offering bespoke safari and beach experiences in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar.
Y-Africa Safaris. Johannesburg

Aviation Tourism Logo

Vintage Air Travel

Aviation tourism company offering luxury flights in vintage DC-3 Aircraft
Golden Era Travel.
Palmer. Kansas.

East African Safari Operator

Y-Africa operating luxury safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar
- and Seychelles
Y-Africa Safaris. Johannesburg

Kruger Safari Operator

Flying Lions operates in Kruger Park, offering an UP-MARKET gamelodge and safari experience.
Kruger Park Safari Co. Cape Town. South Africa

Africa Survival Adventure Safari Logo

Africa Survival Adventures

Overland Safari/Adventure operator. BUDGET accommodation and safari experiences across S.Africa, Namibia and Botswana.
Africa Survival Co. Cape Town. South Africa

Company Logo

Kruger Park Safari Co.

Safari operator in Kruger Park offers BUDGET accommodation and safari experiences.
Kruger Park Safari Co. Cape Town. South Africa

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