Freelance Packaged Product Logo Design by Studio Franco. Cape Town. South Africa

Logo design for personal care product range

Logo design for personal care product range

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New products always require logo design. And existing products require a logo revamp every once in a while to keep pace with changing Cosumer tastes.

Logo Design for Product Packaging

Logo design work carried out during the product packaging design stage
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Company Logo

Body Care Range

Logo developed for a packaging range that I got to design.
Satori. Australia

Conference Logo

Womans Fragrance

Client wanted something REALLY different for the P.O.S material.
Freelance. Cape Town. South Africa

Conference Logo

Spa Hamper Pack

Special range of spa products for people travelling on safari with -
Siyabona Africa. Cape Town. South Africa

Menu Logo

Nutritional Product Range

Special nutritional dietary range
Freelance. USA

Menu Logo

InterPlanetary Drinking Team

Consolation Prize!
Lost all the other work when my hard-drive got fried.
T-Shirt Promo Art. Cape Town. South Africa

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