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From the sign in your window to the label on the clothes you produce, to the design of the box, and onto the shopping bag on the way out.
I provide a complete branding excercise.

If you are a garment manufacturer, you need "The Label". That little thing that says it all. And it has to be everywhere.
No item of clothing is complete without Branding.
From chic to funky, and from understated elegance to street casual - I will join the adventure with you, to create a brand label for your garments.

And thern we can move onto the signage, print media and online marketing requirements.

Logo Design for Clothing. Footwear. Fashion.

Covering a wide variety of lifestyles in a world of countless destinations
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Womens Apparel

Ariane Flint Fashion

Custom Couture. Made to Order.
And VERY expensive.
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Up-market Apparel

Clothing label and shop signage.

Jordan Shoes

Mens Footwear
Principal brand of the Jordan Group
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Leisure Aviation Apparel

Leisure Aviators Apparel

Custom Couture. Made to Order.
And VERY expensive.
Freelanced. U.S.A.

Anton Fabi Mens Footware Logo

Mens Footware

Shoe box package labelling for Anton Fabi. Part of the Jordan Group
Bates Worlwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Womens Lingerie Logo

Bespoke Lingerie

Custom Couture for the discerning "naughty lady"
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Nessy Kandusky Fashion Label

Special Occasions Boutique

Womens clothing for birthdays, weddings, special occasions etc.

PAZ Fashion Label

PAZ Fashion Label

Festive Promotional Postcard for a contemporary fashion collective of young clothing designers
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Youth casaulwear Logo

Deeply & Madly

T-Shirt & Shop Signage. Brand promotion for a new apparel shop - delivering an inspirational message.

Sports Footwear

Olympic Footware is part of the Jordan Group
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Bananaz Casualwear Logo

Casualwear Clothing Label

Can't explain this.

Sin-Lianne Logo

Womans Wear Monogram

For clothing labels & shopping bags.

Steet Wear Logo

Smooth Steet-Wear Label

Clothing brand for signage, labels and shopping bags etc. For the younger market.

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