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BRANDING. The most important thing you will ever do for your company is secure the Real Estate inside your customers mind.
Your one opportunity to create your "silent salesman", who is tasked to promote your company's ideals and ethos when you are not there in person.

I provide a professional freelance business logo design service in Cape Town, and everywhere else.
For business signage, corporate stationer, vehicle livery, print media. . . In fact every possible place that you can imagine putting 'Your Company Name'.

Company Logo Design and Corporate Promotional Branding

Covering a wide range of product manufacturers and service providers
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Yes, there are "a lot" of examples. There have to be, in order to suit lots of different tastes.
Guaranteed! If I left something out - someone would request an example of that exact thing.

Company Logo

StarGroup - Global

Property Marketing Brochure offering luxury condominiums in Qatar. Targeting wealthy buyers.
Client - Electric Orange / Star Group Global and AMLAK

Company Logo

Corporate Services

Stratagem Corporate Services provides education and training to staff of companies - based on the company's ethos & requirements
BSB Bates WorldWide. Cape Town. South Africa

Company Logo

Real Estate Dealers

Buying and selling corporate properties, warehouse facilities, factory space - and high-end residential properties
Client - Landmark. Cape Town. South Africa

O3 Chemicals Company Logo

O3 Chemicals

Developer and manufacturer of revolutionary "Waterless" airconditioning servicing and cleaning products.
Client - O3 Chemicals. Cape Town. South Africa

Convention Centre Logo

Ocean Center Signage

Convention, trade and expo center, entertainment & sports complex,
The Volusia County Ocean Center. Daytona Beach, Florida

Convention Centre Logo

Ocean Center Logo

Convention, trade and expo center, entertainment & sports complex,
The Volusia County Ocean Center. Daytona Beach, Florida

Electrical Engineering Logo

Electrical Engineering Co.

High Voltage equipment supplies and maintenance company
Xentric Engineering. USA.

Courier Company

Astrolinea Couriers

Brazilian domestic air courier service
Astro-Linea. São Paolo. Brazil

Defense Contractor Logo

Defense Contractor Logo

Design and fabrication of parts for use by various US. defense manufacturing contractors.
Fabela Industries. Los Angeles

Company Logo

Equity Finance Logo

Business providing commercial equity finance to various companies
Equinox Equity. UK.

EXAK Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision Logo

Developer and manufacturer of digital optical systems for industrial robots.

Personal Dry Cleaning Logo

Personal Dry Cleaning Logo

Collects & deliver your dry cleaning
Whoopee! One thing less to do.
e-Laundry. New York

Company Logo

Franco Design

Studio Franco Design.

Company Logo

Sun Powered Life

Solar panel installations for domestic use
Method Solar. Arizona

Miralex Construction Group Logo

Miralex Construction Group

Client - Miralex. Canada

Company Logo

Business Lead Aggregators

Client - Limitless Leads.
United Kingdom

Hotel Logo

Croydon Hotel Signage

Hotel signage showing day & night aspects
Client - Croydon. New York

Pro-CAR Dealership Logo

Pro-CAR Dealership

New and second-hand car dealers
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Book Distributors Logo

Book Distributors

Out of the pages and in-flight to your doorstep.
Phoenix. Arizona

Dental Logo

Family Dental Clinic

Victoria Family Dental.
Clinic exterior signage

Audio-visual media production Logo

The Big Pixel Studio

Audio-visual media production studio specializing in events & product launches
Client - Big Pixel. Cape Town. South Africa

Agri Co-Operative Company Logo

Agri Co-Operative

Large-scale farming conglomerate
Client - Eden Growers. Australia

Company Logo

Summer Event Co.

Event organiser that provided for companies hosting corporate parties and outdoor product launches
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Earthworks Company Logo

Groundworks Logo

Earth moving company.
Kansas. USA.

Company Logo

Home Appliances

Giddy's Electric. A home electrical appliance and elecronics nation-wide group. All print, instore promotion & media communications
Bates Worldwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Greenpoint Technology

Greenpoint Technology

Pay-gate solutions tech company.
Client - Greenpoint Tech. Cape Town. South Africa

Restaurant Logo

Kalahari Boma Restaurant

Traditional Kalahari-style cuisine, right in the heart of Stellenbosch winelands
Client - Kalahari Restaurant.
Berkshire. U.K.

Visit This is too colossal to explain here Cape Town. South Africa

Community Bank

Custom Lettering. Corp & Signage.
Banking and financial services geared to the needs of town-ship residents and rural communities
Bates Worlwide. Cape Town. South Africa

Saturday Night Special

For a monthly event evening at a vey chic night club.
Freelanced. Cape Town. South Africa

Think Africa

Multi-media studio initiated by Siyabona Africa to producing presentations for its service providers
Siyabona Africa. Cape Town. South Africa

Company Logo

Vexvelt TeleMedia-Brasil

Multi-media AV and production company preparing corporate presentations, product launchs and TV commercials.
Client - Vexvelt Telemedia. São Paolo

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